Today is the Totebag 30-Day Challenge Kick Off!

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6 thoughts on “Today is the Totebag 30-Day Challenge Kick Off!

  1. so excited. A neighbor just took our train table, trains and accessories. I am hoping to throw out, donate or sell something everyday.

  2. Get It Done – I’m working on cleaning out my mom’s apartment. May 1 – box of recycling and a big bag of trash went out the door. Good china packed, one closet emptied (though some of the stuff was moved with like items to go through later this week), matched crystal knick-knacks with original boxes and boxed, and all durable medical equipment stowed together ready to go to a local “lending library”. Plus, picked up death certificates from the funeral home so that today, I can work on paperwork.

  3. Completely off topic: hypothetically, if your cube neighbors consistently holler at each other rather than getting up and walking over to discuss any issue, and if in the 6 months you have sat by them they have never called each other by an actual name, using instead only “bro” or “bruh” (despite being middle aged men), would it be acceptable to stab one of them in the eye with a pencil as long as one refers to them as “bruh” while doing it?

    Um, just asking for a friend.

  4. MBT – No you cannot stab them in the eye, though many of us would be willing to help you post bail. In my previous cube environments, two things have worked depending on the co-workers. (1) Retailiate with the same behavior…figure out when they need quiet time and then find another co-worker to shout at. IME, the bros will come tell you that you are yelling inappropriately. This is great because you, with a complete deadpan, say Oh, you do that with co-workers name, so I thought that was the common communication style here. Did I miss the memo? Are there guidelines I am unaware of for when shouting across the room is not OK?
    (2) Go to them independently and nicely mention that their shouting is disruptive (especially if you are on the phone). Next sentence is tricky – if they go, oh we didn’t know it bothered you, done; but otherwise, something like I’d be happy to go to management with you to suggest a change in the seating arrangement so you wouldn’t need to shout.

    I had a co-worker who cursed loudly. When I mentioned that I was on the phone with a customer during an outburst and that everything said was heard on the other end, the volume when down 90 percent. If they could be overheard in a similar situation – either confidential information or just inappropriate behavior – it seems to get their attention,.

  5. A fountain pen might be more effective. Does one of them have a nice presentation set?

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