I want a pink iPhone

by Grace aka costofcollege

The 10 most important things from Apple’s iPhone 6S event

Are you buying anything new?  I’ll probably get an iPhone 6s, maybe in rose gold.

As usual, my brain seems to shut down when it comes to shopping for electronics.  Particularly now that Verizon is ditching contracts and subsidized devices in favor of new contract-free plans.  This comment from a CollegeConfidential thread was helpful.

There are 2 reasons to buy the new iPhone. (I pre-ordered the large one this AM.)

1. 3D Touch. This changes how you access and do things on your phone. We all have lists of emails and messages, etc. and we have to open this and then tap to move back and do something else to shift to another program. 3D Touch – which is an accurate name – uses the force of your press to “peek” into an email or message or a little harder to “pop” it open and then be able to do stuff like reply or whatever all without actually opening up the app, having to move back and forth among apps, etc. … Once you see this in action, it changes how you interact with your device….

2. Live Photo. Think Harry Potter: the new default for the camera is to capture 3 seconds with your shot “in the middle”. If you think about it, it’s an application of burst mode converted algorithmically into something else. What happens is you get a picture just like now but if you touch it, it comes alive. So your kid smiles at you. And you can put one on your lock screen and Facebook and Instagram, etc. will be supporting it soon. It’s really that Harry Potter effect of living pictures. … it’s on by default and you just touch the photo and it moves.

They talked a lot about the camera improvements but I haven’t seen any work yet other than their demo….

What grabbed me about the new iPhones is they presented the great mass of users with immediate ways to simplify their interactions with their phones and immediate ways to enjoy them more.

There’s also an interesting change in the way we buy phones. First, Apple’s new way is you can now buy the phone from them for a monthly charge AND this charge is not excessive and includes Applecare+, which lasts 2 years and includes accidental damage (though the service fees for replacing or repairing a wrecked phone remain high). Basically, a 64GB phone is $36 or $40 (for the Plus) a month and that’s $4 more than Verizon, for example, charges but includes Applecare+ and you can upgrade each year. Second, I use Verizon and decided to order from them because they “offer” a credit against your line charge when you buy. So I’m paying about $35/month for the 64GB 6S Plus but they credit me $25/month. That needs a bit more explanation. You’ve probably seen the new ads for Verizon’s plans. If you get one of those and buy a new iPhone, they’ll give you a $20 credit each month but since I already have a plan I can keep mine and get $5 more. So to me the actual cost per month is $10/month and I’m selling my old phone for about $120 so I’m not actually paying anything other than an activation fee for the new phone. And I can sell my new phone and keep this cycle going with very little to no outlay for the newest phone.

What are the latest and greatest technology products or features you are currently enjoying, or just lusting after?  Let’s talk technology.


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  1. Great topic! These new changes are confusing to me. We’re about to add another smart phone user to our house (DS2), so I look forward to everyone’s comments.

  2. OMG, I’m envisioning what a nightmare it’s going to be at the library helping older patrons with the 3D touch. They already can’t quite get the hang of how fast to tap or how hard to press. Oy.

  3. What are the latest and greatest technology products or features you are currently enjoying, or just lusting after?

    We got a new 65″ TV – we call it the Jumbotron. It don’t know how we managed with 42″.

  4. This is very interesting to us right now… I am due for an upgrade, and it would be nice to see if we can get more for the same money we pay now or less. My mom is also due for an upgrade. Now that she’s living with us, I wanted to see if I can pull her under our plan to save her some money – the catch is she has to keep her phone number. She’s had it for > 10 years and it’s her main line. Basically, we have to plan a family trek to the local Verizon store and wait for a million hours because they are always so freaking busy.

    so the question is, do I get the 6 or 6s…. choices choices (which will come down to money because I’m running the iphone 4… anything is an improvement).

  5. I like how they’re moving away from forced amortization of the phone costs, even when you aren’t buying new phones. I think we’re already benefitting from Verizon’s monthly rebate for delaying our upgrades. These periodic, marginal improvements do nothing to excite me, so I generally ignore them until something breaks or the device can’t handle the new operating systems and I’m forced to replace. I am not an early adopter.

    The only electronic thing I’m sort of thinking about right now is a big, powerful Bluetooth speaker. The Bose one I got for Christmas last year is awesome, considering its size and portability, and if that’s all I had, then I might not know any better. But the thing is, our player piano came with a Yamaha speaker that handles the accompaniment and vocals for the songs (the ones that are not just solo piano performances), and it blows the little Bose right out of the water, when you hear Bruce Springsteen or Johnny Cash booming out of it, with the piano playing along. There’s still no substitute for mass.

    So I’ve had my eye on the Marshalls:


  6. My iPhone (3 years old) is practically on life support. the only reason I didn’t order the 6s yet is that I am trying to decide if I should leave verizon. I’v been a customer since I got my first cell, but I find that their service is the pits. I used to think they had the best service, but I’ve been having more and more trouble getting the full LTE network in NYC and surrounding burbs. I found that I had the same experience when I traveled this summer to CA, Maryland, NJ, Delaware etc etc. the coverage was ok about 70% of the time. I might switch to AT & T because my work phone was through AT & T, and my DH still has his work phone through AT & T. We’ve been surprised that many times when I have no verizon service – he has service with AT & T.

    I just have to figure out the best new plan because they changed their pricing.

  7. So in trying to decide how to acquire my new iPhone I see that my situation may be the same as the comment in the post since I’m currently paying $15 monthly charges for my current iPhone. (It’s $40 discounted “$25 Off Smartphone Month2Month” because I’m out of contract.) So for a new iPhone 6s 64GB the Verizon monthly charge is $31.24 over 2 years:
    $31.24 + $15 = $46.24 new monthly charges

    But if I buy the phone from Apple, presumably at around $32/month, would my Verizon monthly charges revert back to $40? So my monthly charges would considerably more, but it would include Applecare and eligibility to upgrade every year. Not sure, so I need to check.

  8. We switched to T-Moblie. We have 5 phones. 4 Iphone 6’s and one 6 plus. We rent the phones and can upgrade yearly. This includes two grand parent phones and 3 for our family. We stayed Apple because people understood the interface and the app store was more curated that Android. T-Mobile’s coverage is not as good as ATT but works for us since our phones mostly run on WiFi. Also, we can run a hot spot, so our kids can play on line games with each other on car trips. I see the hardward as a means to learn about what ever it is you are upgrading to and from.

  9. Although I like MacOS (which is just Unix anyway), I am not a fan of iOS or its user interface. I much prefer Android. Plus, I can program it in plain old Java instead of some crazed Apple-specific language

  10. I hadn’t even considered changing over to AT&T or another carrier since Verizon has had better service over the years. But maybe it’s time to compare, although on our family plan that could get complicated.

  11. CoC – another thing to consider is buying from Apple means the phone should be unlocked (it can be used on any carrier). If you buy through Verizon, it’s locked into Verizon. At the end of the day it may not mean anything for you. But if you go to sell your phone after you upgrade, the unlocked phone is worth significantly more (provided you’ve cared for the phone during use).

    My iphone 4 is brand new because it’s spent the last 2.5 years in a Lifeproof case. I purchased a new case after 1.25 years to get Lifeproof’s guaranteed replacement warranty, and the case was in poor shape.

  12. “since our phones mostly run on WiFi”

    Are you mostly able to access Wifi hotspots via your cable when you’re out and about? Or other Wifi access, like public spaces or places like Starbucks?

  13. We haven’t even considered leaving Verizon because we’ve always thought it had the best coverage… maybe it’s time to rethink that.

  14. RMS – Yes, my mom and most technology are becoming a lost cause. The speeds and accuracy of the tap/double tap (plus 2 or 3 fingers for accessibility settings) are really past her ability. Her ipad is becoming a tool for me to manager her business and less as a tool for her to use.

    OT – I upgraded recently to the 6s. My 5s was shutting down (as in complete loss of power and was completely useless). This is a bad situation when it is your only phone. Sprint (our decades long carrier) was running a deal. The short version is I was able to lease the iphone 6s and a ipad mini, plus upgrade my plan for $30 per month increase. However, the cost of the iphone 6s alone over the same two year period was more than the lease cost. Also, my old plan was very old with limited talk time to landlines. Now that I work from home and am caring for my mom, I make a LOT more calls to landlines and have gone over more than once, which is super expensive.

    I have really noticed that much difference in the 3D touch. It seems intuitive, but I’d never be able to explain it to my mom!!!

  15. AT&T’s coverage was so bad in Westchester the last time I used them that I swore I would never return. All of Scarsdale was a dead zone.

  16. Now I’m curious, if you guys don’t mind a side thread. What do you all listen to music on? Meme has talked about Sonos.

  17. My kids have verizon pre paid plans because it was the one that we could pay for phone, text and limited cellular data (wifi data is free), but if kids go over data they can add – at their own expense. DD#1’s phone is going on 2 years old and is not wanting to charge unless the world in perfectly aligned. She will be gettting a new one at Xmas. We want to keep her # and plan, so likely to stay with verizon

  18. I’m curious, too, about music. Most of the time we listen individually in different rooms using a small Bose or similar. Actually, my kids usually listen to iPhone. In theory Sonos sounds appealing, but I don’t know if we’d use it that much.

  19. “Actually, my kids usually listen to iPhone.”

    This blows my mind.

    “* Actually, my kids usually listen through their ear buds.”

    I haven’t been able to listen to headphones for a while. I have an irrational aversion to them after being required to use them for most of a three-year period, and I have never used them since.

  20. We use Music Choice through the TV (mom loves the classical station and it’s better than listening to the food network All Damn Day). DS has an ipod shuffle and a portable speaker (it’s a blue ball shaped thing that is about the size of a clementine). It puts out great sound for a small area (in the dining room during dinner, his room, etc). DH has an iHome speaker/docking station/radio. It’s great outside, and folds down for storage (though it’s always up and ready to go… we use that mostly for the radio when DH’s ipod is not in the house). I listen through my car – my ipod shuffle bit the dust years ago and I never replaced it. My car has a 30 gb usb drive attached and then bluetooth for things on the iphone (like podcasts).

  21. I’m curious about speakers too. We are in the market for a portable bluetooth speaker that we can take out on the deck/to other rooms around the house/on trips for the hotel room, etc. We would want an integrated AM/FM tuner though. I have just started looking at them – with the first search being on Amazon, but no real research.

  22. Come to think of it, my H often listens to music through his earbuds, when he’s exercising or puttering around the house. Maybe we developed this habit because our tastes in music are so different.

  23. I just re-upped with Verizon Wireless(bundle discount, too, with FIOS) and and Samsung galaxy S6. I got used to Android when I got a smartphone because in my town Verizon was by far the best carrier at the time. ATT was the only one with Iphone. (One of the older failing churches rents out space on its bell tower.) In Manhattan If find that Verizon is poor; I am told ATT is best. DD in DC uses T mobile, I think. I also use a bare bones tablet Kindle Fire HD. Everything runs off the WiFi in the house. I don’t use enough data outside the house in a month to go over the 2GB minimum plan. Intercity trains and busses have free wifi now, as did the hospital where DH was for a week.

    I love Sonos. But we pay employee price for the hardware. No subscription fees for them (just for some services such as MLB). We have a surround system with bar, bass and two rear speakers for the 47 in TV. All wireless except the bar. A separate speaker in the office, one in the kitchen. Each one can play from a different source, or you can group (for example you can pipe the TV sound into the kitchen as long as the TV is actually turned on). Tons of actual radio and internet radio, Pandora and many other such services, your locally stored music library on many devices, there are some limitations on how it interfaces with name brand cloud storage (a lot can be done through your phone), but that is just a matter of money as Sonos adds more and more partners via contractual relationships.

  24. “integrated AM/FM tuner”

    For what purpose? Are you referring to something that enables you to listen to the radio? In addition to a few old fashioned radios around the house, I mainly use my smartphone connected to a bluetooth speaker. Our big AM/FM tuner connected to our TV rarely gets used for that purpose.

  25. DS was looking at the iPhone 6s this morning. He doesn’t have a phone but has an iPod touch. He has been lamenting lack of a phone but he doesn’t call anyone just texts, face times, plays games galore and listens to music. He has also shares (no has hijacked) DH’s iPad Mini and the home computer so he has access to bigger display screens when he wants. I see us upgrading next year as the devices we have are not that old.

  26. Ivy – DH wanted something like this: https://www.ionaudio.com/products/details/Tailgater-iPA77

    but he settled on an iHome speaker much smaller because he wanted another big toy for his birthday… http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003VX1EF8?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00

    I like the iHome… it’s decent sound for our uses and is quite portable.

    I hear wonderful things about Bose and Ion if you’re a true “sound” person…

  27. Rhett, they identified Baby Doe from Boston Harbor and her druggy mother with a live in boyfriend, no surprises here.

  28. Re music: Amazon Echo with Prime Music stations & playlists. Many thanks to HM (I think) for introducing Echo. It’s now my alarm clock, weather/news provider, and music player. I think it can/will do more too. Alexa has replaced Siri if a random question comes up (at home, anyway), but DD likes to try to stump her by asking for opinions.

    Speaking of Siri, have you asked her what is zero divided by zero? Hilarious reply!

  29. “integrated AM/FM tuner”

    For what purpose? Are you referring to something that enables you to listen to the radio? In addition to a few old fashioned radios around the house, I mainly use my smartphone connected to a bluetooth speaker. Our big AM/FM tuner connected to our TV rarely gets used for that purpose.

    Yes – the actual radio. For radio broadcasts of baseball games, for one example. We sit out on our deck on nice summer days and want to be able to tune into the Cubs broadcasts without a subscription service/going on the internet/etc.

  30. Ivy – both the options I laid out have that Am/Fm tuner. We are like you and listen to the *gasp* actual radio.

  31. Ivy,

    I’m pretty sure almost every radio station also streams online so a Bluetooth speaker connected to your phone would let you listen to almost any station worldwide.

  32. Mostly we are a headphone family. DD#1 mainly listens to books and youtube, but some music. DD#2 listens mainly to music, but some books. I listen to books, youtube (music for concentration – some are great to kill the background noises working from home), spotify (free) and pandora (free). I just Iheartradio for a couple of local radio stations – mainly news/weather/traffic report type information. DP (partner) is a gamer and plays online games with other people. He uses a headset to both hear the game sounds and the other folks he is playing with. It is enough with his talking. I can’t imagine hearing everything else!

  33. “I’m pretty sure almost every radio station also streams online so a Bluetooth speaker connected to your phone would let you listen to almost any station worldwide.”

    While true, if she wants to take the speaker on a picnic or to the beach, and she doesn’t want to use up all her monthly data, or it’s out of 4G/LTE range, the AM/FM tuner could come in handy.

  34. Timely topic for us as we are due to upgrade our phones soon. Thinking of getting an iPhone as we have used android for a while now. I will most probably get a plus version.

    We usually get.phones that ate free (supposedly) or cheap with a 2 year agreement. But now phone companies are offering different plans. Lot of research and price comparisons ahead.

    Last year we bought a 55 inch tv.for the bedroom (which is huge for the room) and DH insisted on buying a bluetooth bose system also for the bedroom. I bought 2 Bluetooth headphones hoping that I can lay on the bed and watch TV without disturbing DH and vice versa. Well it turns out that the bose system does not enable to listen to the TV via Bluetooth. So we will have to get a Bluetooth dingle to stream voice on the Bluetooth headphone.

  35. I’m pretty sure almost every radio station also streams online so a Bluetooth speaker connected to your phone would let you listen to almost any station worldwide.

    Sports broadcasts are usually blacked out on the streaming and you need to subscribe to MLB or whoever to listen to games online.

  36. “Sports broadcasts are usually blacked out on the streaming and you need to subscribe to MLB or whoever to listen to games online.”

    Interesting. We listen to Mets games on IHeart Radio. (Subway series tonight.)

    We have a couple of those Bose speakers Rhett linked to, and have been very pleased.

  37. I have to use an iPad for work now and I hate it. It is so unintuitive, and it has some major bugs.

    And you find android dramatically more intuitive?

  38. CoC – I am surprised that WOR feed on IHeart Radio is not suppressed during Mets games. But internet radio access for MLB costs only 10-15 dollars a year, so most people just buy that. We have to buy the MLB tv premium package for TV, radio and internet since DH is out of town for his beloved Mets.

  39. “While true, if she wants to take the speaker on a picnic or to the beach, and she doesn’t want to use up all her monthly data, or it’s out of 4G/LTE range, the AM/FM tuner could come in handy.”

    Yes. Exactly. We would want to take it camping where we have no signal, for example. (it’s not that hard core wilderness but there doesn’t happen to be a signal at the place where we do our annual trip)

    And ditto to DD – listening to sports on the local radio is the easiest option with blackouts, etc.

  40. I can’t stand Android. I have one for work, and I find it impossible to figure out even after 4 years of daily use.

  41. I, too, find Apple more intuitive, but I always figured that was because Apple dumbed everything down for the user and made it much more difficult to screw something up.

  42. Trying to decide if I want the little Iphone 6 or the big one.

    We have three Sonos. Two regular and one Bar. The bar is hooked up to the tv but can be switched to music if you want to. All runs off my phone and syncs nicely with Sirius and my iPHone library. Love them, love how easy they are to move and set up. The kids have these Boom Wireless speakers that are bluetooth and pretty amazing. Run on battery so easy to take poolside, or to play basketball or just their rooms.

  43. So you are looking for a decent quality speaker that transmits a feed via a phone or Ipod or other source when you are home, is portable enough to move from room to room or to the patio, has an AM FM tuner, and runs on batteries at the beach or on a picnic? Since I can’t really see how the AM FM tuner could be powered passively from the battery in the phone. Sometimes it is okay to buy a single purpose appliance, such as a portable radio – a standard item in a household emergency kit – a fairly decent one can be purchased for 25 dollars.

  44. $300k is a lot money. If they’re worth it, they might have to find it from another employer. If not, they might have to tighten their belts a little. They could always start by cutting cable ;)

  45. I would also like to add, I don’t know why they sell iphones in colors since virtually everyone slaps a case on it.

  46. Our Tmobile signal is not great inside our home, but our connections happens through WiFi, so I don’t really care. I get most of my media through the app of our cable provider. The app plays our cable channels through the phone when we are home WiFi and at other hot spots. It plays a smaller number of channels (mostly Al Jazerra and coverage of the kid who made the clock) if I leave the WiFi. I usually play CNBC while through headphones while I work around the house and in the yard. A large portion of this is done in quiet time in the house. If not CNBC, I get music through YouTube. Not in the house, I use an app called Tune In radio that plays radio over the internet connection. I can also listen to CNBC content that the record and send through Tune In radio at a time other than the original broadcast.

  47. Like SWVA, we got an echo some time ago and I use it to play prime music, I heart radio, pandora stations, and tune in. I find most of what I want through there. It’s probably not the best speaker for a large space, but it works well and it doesn’t drain my other devices through bluetooth. It’s plugged in and connected to the wifi. We would probably buy something else battery operated if we really wanted something portable.

    I have a 2 year old 5s, and we have been using Virgin Mobile for cell service. We bought the phone full freight and then my plan is $35 / month. It used to have limited talk minutes and “unlimited” data, but after a certain # of months we were upgraded to unlimited talk minutes as well. I would love to upgrade my phone, but I’m not certain if an unlocked iphone can be used on their service. It ends up being cheaper for dh and I to each have separate plans on virgin than any family plan we priced.

    Prior to this I had an android phone, and my biggest complaint was that the OS never updated. The plan seemed to just be for people to constantly trade in the phones when they wanted anything new to work. I like to use things for a while and not constantly have to figure out new everything, reload apps, etc. My dh rarely uses his phone except for small amounts of texting, and he is still rocking a 4 or 5 year old android phone that is several operating systems back.

  48. And you find android dramatically more intuitive?

    Yes I do. For example, if you want to change your email signature, where would you go? I’m thinking at least 95% of people are like me and would go to the mail program. Not in iOS. You have to go into the general settings app on the device. I wanted a delete button in the mail program because I like to delete messages that in don’t want. The setting is buried about 5 levels deep to display a delete button. Someone finally showed me you can swipe thr message in the list to get a delete option to appear, but how is that more intuitive than just displaying a delete button?

    All the settings for every application are in the general settings app, not the applications themselves. Again, this is very unintuitive.

    Another example: my wife has an up of and I copied some mp3s from my laptop for her. I imported them into iTunes and we could not get them to sync to the ipod or manually copy them over. So much for “aplepple products just work.” I finally found instructions online to change the itunes setting to allow manual copying of songs, which again was buried 4 or 5 layers deep.

  49. I wanted a delete button in the mail program because I like to delete messages that in don’t want.

    Why wouldn’t you think to swipe?

  50. I’m waiting for the Echo to go on sale — I’m hoping it will for Black Friday — so I can buy three more of them. Ours was living in the kitchen and we all used it for music (Pandora and my Prime collection), timers, weather, news, asking it questions and then berating it, and turning the Hue lights on and off. But somehow it moved in with my oldest so he could listen to audiobooks at bedtime without the temptation of a screen and set his morning alarm that he doesn’t listen to, and even though it theoretically should be coming back out to the kitchen every morning, somehow it doesn’t. I can see from the Echo app that he comes home from school and chats with it. Sooo, anyhow, I need one for each of the other two kids’ bedrooms (they’re very bitter about the situation) and of course I need my kitchen one back! I’m tired of having to manually set timers, like a barbarian.

    For music, our main system is a dedicated Kindle Fire (an older one) plugged into an Arcam amp with a pair of NHT bookshelf speakers. Kids also listen to their own stuff via earbuds or computer speakers. We’ll sometimes also play Pandora through the tv speakers via the Roku, mainly if someone is doing homework in the tv room.

    I was happy about Verizon’s plan change because I disliked the way the old system forced you to pay ~$480 toward a phone every two years whether you wanted to get a nice new phone every two years or not, so if you got a cheaper phone or didn’t upgrade when eligible, you were a sucker. I’m hopeful that this will drive the market more toward mid-range phones and also take away the perverse incentive for building in obsolescence (like those non-removeable batteries!).

  51. Rhett – swiping is not intuitive if you’ve never had a smartphone (or maybe a touch screen).

    I do agree with DD about the email signature thing. That took me a while to find on my own.

  52. “swiping is not intuitive if you’ve never had a smartphone (or maybe a touch screen)”

    Rhode – Just wait for the day when your DS walks up to the TV and tries to swipe it to do something. At least I thought it was hilarious to see my kids try that.

  53. Speaking of swiping, we just got a new laptop with a touch screen. It’s so much easier than using a mouse. You use it for an hour and you’re like – “How did we ever live with mice?”

  54. Mine try to swipe computer screens and/or laptop screens. Which may work soon!

    Honolulu, I can see how an echo would be a cool gadget for a kid’s room. We happened to get one before the big rollout, so we got ours for $99. I like it, but now I am unduly put off by the price tag. My oldest loves asking it how to spell certain words. They fight over who gets to ask about the weather. My youngest cannot seem to say “Alexa” and instead says “Balexa!” which has the advantage of not working and making is roll laughing.

  55. Rhode, fun thing to do when your little one gets bigger. Put kids who have always had a minivan in a regular car without automatic doors and watch them try to exit. hee hee #motheroftheyear

  56. @Milo – swiping is what my little niece does too !
    My first smart phone was Android and it was not the first generation either. It had so many glitches that I couldn’t wait to change it. However, we had T mobile that didn’t have iPhones for the longest time. With my iPhone there are no issues at all.

  57. Yeah, the one we have, we got for $99. I don’t imagine they’ll offer that again soon, but since I want three more I think it’s worth waiting for some sort of sale!

    It used to just not understand “Amazon, you ignorant slut!” (ours is named Amazon) — in fact it played a sample of “Jane, you ignorant slut,” which is apparently a real and very loud song — but apparently it’s heard it enough (not just from our household!) that now it has a huffy response.

  58. Re: swiping

    DH has a touch screen laptop… he now tries to swipe my laptop screen. He forgets that mine is not a touch screen (even though my laptop is a different brand, different OS, smaller, older, etc) and it’s too funny. He never uses his mouse anymore and loves it. I’m still getting used to it.

    For all we know, by the time DS is in the swiping age, I’ll have a touch screen TV and swiping will work for him.

  59. Why wouldn’t you think to swipe?

    Why would I? And even if I did, every mail app/program I’ve ever used has a delete button. Swiping and then hitting the trash button is more cumbersome than simply hitting a delete button that’s right there. I thought Apple was all about simplicity.

  60. I have a Galaxy S5 and love it. I love Android. I rooted my previous phone, but I haven’t done that to this one. I am reluctant to move to the S6 because, like Denver Dad, I dislike devices without changeable batteries.

  61. Why would I?

    Because gesture based controls are how touch screen devices work.

    Swiping and then hitting the trash button

    You don’t have to hit the trash button. If you swipe far enough, it deletes.

  62. I tried swiping on the message itself, which does nothing. Swiping on the message list would never occur to me.

  63. No it doesn’t. I had to find the hidden setting in order to get the trashcan, and it’s on top of the screen, not at the bottom.

  64. I can’t find the little trashcan. What are the steps to get there? It is really irritating not to be able to delete emails off my iphone or ipad.

  65. We used to be an iPod/iTunes family, but the interface on the iPods has gotten so much worse, and iTunes is so unusable, that I am now looking for alternatives. Back in 2005, the massive iPod wth the huge data storage was a wonderful thing. I could put my entire music collection on it. Its interface was perfect. Sadly, I dropped my iPod last year so it is kaput. I bought a nano, and hate it beyond belief. I hate swiping when I am trying to select something while driving the car. I hate that it always starts up when I don’t want it to. I hate that it doesn’t really work well with podcasts, which I listen to a lot in the car. I hate that I have to transfer stuff back and forth from evil iTunes.
    And my husband hates that every time he tries to put a movie from iTunes onto the kids nanos, he ends up with Apple support for 45 minutes. It NEVER works.

    I do not like the streaming model of music access because most of the time I am in my car and don;t want to suck up my data allowance, or use my phone (because it is running Google Maps in most cases).

    I wish there was a device that let me store all my music, that interfaced seamlessly with say Amazon or Google.

  66. I can’t find the little trashcan

    What do you see at the bottom? Is it the archive box? Or is nothing at the bottom.

  67. So who is a phablet fan?

    I feel like my phone (5.2 inch screen) is about right for screen size for me, large enough for decent visibility but small enough for me to easily use it. My hands aren’t large. I’ve handled the S6 and some of the other phablet-sized ones in the store and if I were looking at a new phone (which I’m not) I’d be looking for something a bit smaller.

  68. On my ipad, I have that row of icons at the top of the screen. But the trashcan was not included until I added it by going five levels deep in the settings.

  69. Okay, I’m becoming intrigued by the Echo. You had me at timers. I time almost everything I do. I wonder if it works with iTunes. I’ve used Amazon music a bit, and I like that. So it connects with my gmail calendars?

    “Put kids who have always had a minivan in a regular car without automatic doors and watch them try to exit. ”

    Oh yeah, they just sit there waiting for the door to open . . .

  70. Mooshi, you completely summed up my feelings about iPods.

    Have you tried the Amazon music app? I’ve used the windows app but not the android app so I have no idea if it works well or not, but it has the intent for what you want to do. If you get an SD card in your phone, you’ll have all the storage space you need.

  71. MM — I shifted to Pocket Casts for podcasts a year or two ago, due to iTunes getting unusable. http://www.shiftyjelly.com/pocketcasts You can set it to automatically keep only the latest however many of each podcast, and can set filters for what you want it to play. You can also set it to download new episodes only over wifi so you don’t use your data. I find it works well to have the current episodes of my preferred podcasts ready to go whenever I want without my having to make the effort to download or sort them. But I do run it off my phone — you could use an iPod, but it would have to be one capable of running apps (like an iPod touch).

  72. Am I the only one who wonders if all the people who have their messages signed with “sent from my iPhone” do it because they want to show off that they have an iPhone or because they can’t find the place to change their signature?

  73. Thanks for the Pocket Casts tip. I use My Podcasts, but I think I have to do something manually to update podcasts. Or maybe I need to change the setting. To be honest, I mainly bumble along with most of this stuff.

  74. I don’t want to archive messages, I want to delete them.

    A quick googling says deleting doesn’t actually delete them (at least from gmail) so archive is a more accurate way of looking at it. I assume this is why google changed the default from trash to archive.

  75. “sent from my iPhone” do it because they want to show off that they have an iPhone

    It’s to explain that the e-mail was sent from a phone so recipients can excuse brevity and typos.

  76. CoC, yes, the Echo will tell you what’s on your Google calendar. As far as playing iTunes, it won’t play directly from your iTunes library so you’d need to import your iTunes library into Amazon music (which I had done before getting the Echo, due to iTunes getting unusable as mentioned above together with wanting the Amazon Prime stuff to play when I was shuffling). Either that or you could just use the Echo as a bluetooth speaker, which does work, but kind of defeats the point since you can’t voice control what’s playing.

  77. And here’s another iPad bug I’ve just found. You’re supposed to long press or double press to be able to select text. When I’m on this page, it starts out working that way. Then at some point it changes so that double press zooms in on the page and long press doesn’t do anything. The only way to get back to being able to select text is to close the tab and reopen it.

  78. Thanks, HM! (Now I have to figure out how to import my iTunes library . . . )

    I should periodically hire a consultant to school me on how to take advantage of all the latest technology.

    I think most people just leave the “sent from iPhone” because they can’t be bothered to change it. I’ve changed mine to something like “sent from a small mobile device”, just because I wanted to be generic.

  79. Work defaults to trash, comcast defaults to trash, gmail defaults to archive. I can only assume it’s because google doesn’t really delete them.

  80. lol, thanks again HM. But sorry to say I can predict it won’t go smoothly. For some odd reason whenever I mess with iTunes something funky happens. I just went to my library now and couldn’t find the upload button. Sometimes my library comes up in Explorer even though my general default is Chrome. IOW, I probably need to set aside about an hour to complete the import.

    This is what typically prevents me from buying the latest gadget. I dread having to spend hours learning how to use it. None of this stuff is intuitive to me.

  81. I figured it out. Once you click in the reply box (or any of the other text boxes), the long press changes from selecting text to zoom. You can get it back to selecting by clicking on one of the “notify me” check boxes to get the cursor out of the text box. That sure is intuitive.

  82. For some odd reason whenever I mess with iTunes something funky happens.

    That’s because iTunes is POS. Even my Apple fan friends readily agree with that.

  83. Am I the only one who isn’t bothered by iTunes? Syncing with my iphone is another story and usually involves me looking for various things (like how to delete podcasts from my “sync” folder).

    And I kept the signature because it’s the truth – I tend to have more mistakes on my phone than my computer. But I also added my business contact info. Since I only use the mail app for that account, it’s not a big deal.

    DD – can you download a specific app for your email? Microsoft Outlook (365, and maybe 13) uses a specific app for OS above whatever I have on the iphone 4. Also, gmail has its own app that DH loves. I’m sure others exist.

    What I do like is that I’m able to sync my work calendar with my home calendar (gmail). I gave DH access to the gmail calendar so he can add things to that as well. Whenever I open up the calendar, I have work and home stuff at my finger tips. It makes scheduling meetings on the go so much easier.

  84. Note, though, that even after an email is deleted “forever,” either by you or automatically by Gmail from your spam or trash folders, the messages could remain on Google’s servers for up to 60 days. Furthermore, since Gmail backs up its email systems in offline storage, your messages could remain in such storage for an indefinite period of time. So with that in mind, while it’s clear for how long your messages remain in your Gmail account before being deleted, it can’t be specified how long your messages remain in existence.

  85. Rhode, it’s supplied by my employer so I can’t really mess with it too much. But maybe another app will work.

    I love Google calendar. My wife and I basically run our lives on it. We share the calendar and have separate calendars for each person so everything is nicely color-coded and we can see everything easily. If one of us adds something, it syncs to the other person’s phone within minutes.

  86. My favorite Echo goof so far is that when my morning alarm goes off, I say, “Alexa snooze” but she sometimes hears “Alexa NEWS” and starts rattling off headlines while the alarm is still beeping.

  87. Rhett, I don’t care about any of that. What I care about is that they are gone from what I see. I can’t stand clutter – either physically or virtually.

  88. Mostly I can’t be bothered to change the iPhone signature, and, to a lesser extent, it’s an excuse for brevity that, in my case, can border on curtness.

    I have absolutely no inclination to brag about iPhone ownership. What does that even say? That as a middle-aged white-collar professional, I can afford the same phone that just about every 12-year-old gets?

    Sent from my iPhone, btw.

  89. That’s what archive does.

    No it doesn’t, it just moves them to another folder that shows up in my folder list.

  90. Milo, that’s my point. I just assume that most emails are sent from phones these days so I don’t see the need for people to explicity state it.

  91. My iPhone defaults to that message. You have to take the time to take sent from my iPhone off the setting.

    totally off topic – I am cleaning the main floor of my house. We still have no master bath, but I might be able to take back my main floor if I can get rid of more of this dust by cleaning again tomorrow. I can’t wait to see my garage, stairs and floors again when they are finally done. everything has plastic or cardboard covering on it right now. maybe, maybe by early October.
    I can’t wait to get rid of these guys.

  92. Archive vs trash – these behave very differently when you go to search or tag your mail (I do both extensively). If you search on all mail, it will search your archive and inbox, but not trash. I am not sure if tagged mail placed in the trash will show up. And trash will disappear in a certain amount of time.

  93. “I always figured that was because Apple dumbed everything down for the user and made it much more difficult to screw something up.”

    And this is why I love them: they design everything very specifically for me and my skill set. :-)

    Lord, I remember my first Mac laptop in the early ’90s. My work computer was designed by people who thought c:\\ was “intuitive.” Running any kind of word processing was all about remembering which specific sequence of seemingly random keystrokes would add italics, or left-justify a paragraph — I had cheat sheets by my desk. And then one year I got a Mac. And I opened it up, and without any kind of magical incantations at all, there suddenly appeared something that looked like an actual desktop. When I made a document, a little thing that looked like an actual piece of paper popped up; and when I made a file to save that document in, there was this thing that looked like an actual folder, just like the ones I used on my actual desk at work — and I could name it anything I wanted! Even more than 8 characters! And I could pick up documents and folders and move them all around — again, without any magic incantations or super-secret-code-combinations!

    In short, the heavens parted, and the angels sang hallelujah: I finally had a computer that didn’t make me feel stupid. Because someone had the brilliant idea that maybe the tool should adjust to the user, rather than expecting the user to adapt to the tool. Oh, Lord, I love them for that.

  94. So here’s an example of where I try to do something that seems simple but ultimately stymies me. Part of the problem is the fear that I’ll do irreparable damage to my data or my settings.

    I want to move a photo from my PC to my iPhone. Of course, I Google.
    When I am instructed to turn on the iCloud Photo Library in my phone settings, I get the warning that doing this will remove the 481 photos I previously synced using iTunes. I vaguely remember something about syncing through iTunes vs. iCloud, but I have no idea where those photos are and how I could save them before they’re deleted.
    So I slink away and chalk this up to another tech task that is just too overwhelming, unless I have a hour or more to kill in an attempt to figure it out. *sigh*

  95. Trash sends them to the trash folder. How is it any different?

    Because you can’t get rid of the trash folder even if you don’t use it. I can get rid of whatever folder the archived messages were going to, so that’s one less fold that shows up. You probably can’t understand if you’re not OCD. I never said it was rational. :)

  96. CoC, that’s exactly why I hate Apple so much. They think that by protecting the user from the file system they are making it easier, but they often end up making things much more difficult (such as the problem with putting some songs on my wife’s ipod).

    Here’s how you do that with an android phone: 1. Open the folder on your phone where you store your photos. 2. Drag and drop the photo to that folder.

    Or if you didn’t want to do that, you could email the photo to yourself. Then open the email and save the photo from there. Maybe that would work on the iphone as well.

  97. In short, the heavens parted, and the angels sang hallelujah: I finally had a computer that didn’t make me feel stupid. Because someone had the brilliant idea that maybe the tool should adjust to the user, rather than expecting the user to adapt to the tool. Oh, Lord, I love them for that.

    The problem is that Apple changed from “the tool adapting to the user” to “We know best and everyone should do it our way, and we’ve made it extremely difficult for people who don’t want to do it our way.”

  98. CoC, I second DD’s suggestion to email it to yourself and open it on your phone. Although I DO remember that when I played with an iPad for awhile, you couldn’t save mail attachments to the iPad! How stupid is that? Sticking with Android.

  99. I can’t save an emailed photo to Camera Roll or to anywhere else, for that matter. Maybe I’m missing something,

    “How stupid is that?” RIGHT!

  100. The reason that Mac’s permitted file names more than 8 characters was because it is JUST Unix! Unix ALWAYS permitted long file names, back even in the early 80’s.

    I like MacOS mainly because you can see the file system, and if you really want to get something done, you can just bring up a Unix command prompt window. Same for Android, which is also just Unix. But iOS, what on earth is that?

  101. When you have a photo in your iPhone email, just touch and hold. A menu of options comes up, choose “save image” and it is in your photos on the phone.

  102. I was surprised, but Verizon won’t budge on the price. My bill would go up $25 per month to get the new iPhone, and I would have the same crappy service. She actually told me to call EVERY time that i don’t have cell or data service. I laughed and I said how is this possible if I have no service. She said even though I’ve been a loyal customer since 2001 (!!), this is the price and she understands if I have to leave due to price.

    I don’t have the patience to deal with AT & T today, so I will try to figure out the pricing there tomorrow.

  103. Mooshi,

    iOS is based on OS X which is, itself, a variant of a BSD UNIX kernel running on top of a micro kernel called Mach.

  104. Is there an OS that doesn’t allow you to pull up a command prompt? Certainly you can in Windows.

  105. “I have a 2 year old 5s, and we have been using Virgin Mobile for cell service. We bought the phone full freight and then my plan is $35 / month. It used to have limited talk minutes and “unlimited” data, but after a certain # of months we were upgraded to unlimited talk minutes as well. ”

    DW has the same plan, albeit with an iPhone 4s. She got a discount on the monthly fee by giving them a credit card number that they automatically charge each month. She also got upgraded from 400 minutes/month to unlimited talk.

    She wasn’t happy with Virgin initially, using an Android phone. But she accidentally got it wet and it stopped working shortly after Virgin started supporting the iPhone, so she got that as the replacement phone, and despite the monthly fee going up a few bucks, the bases for most of her prior complaints disappeared with the switch.

  106. Lauren, you might be eligible for a corporate discount through AT&T depending on your husband’s employer. We have one.

  107. Also, you should be able to take a screen shot if you open a picture on your phone. Push the center round button and the top corner shut-off button at the same time and it takes a picture of your screen. Then it is available in your camera roll. This is great for saving things quickly if you don’t want to file them in an email or note, as well (like a confirmation number or address.).

  108. Thank you, Ada!!! My embarrassment at not knowing how to do this is superseded by my elation at finding a solution. So this turns into an even more perfect example of how I often fail at technology.
    1. Try to find a way to do something.
    2. First attempt becomes a complicated (to me) process, and stymies me. Either I give up or spend too much time figuring out the solution.
    3. The easy way is not intuitive to me and does not cross my mind. (In this case I only tapped the image but did not think to touch and hold it.)
    4. Either someone shows me or I stumble across the solution.
    5. Mixed emotions of frustration and elation sweep over me. Shake fist at technology and feel very old.

    (I knew about the screen shot but didn’t think the picture quality would be very good.)

  109. Cable companies given walking papers at intensifying pace

    … The data show that the so-called “cord-cutting” phenomenon—where consumers jettison traditional cable and satellite packages in favor of streaming services—is about to get a lot worse. A new report by Magid Advisors surveyed 2,400 consumers and found that cord cutting is not only on the rise, but it’s happening much quicker than industry watchers anticipated….

    The results are even gloomier among current non-subscribers. Just 5 percent of respondents said they were “very likely” to subscribe to pay TV service within the next 12 months.

    Problem is from both cord-cutters and cord-nevers (younger people).


  110. Lauren, it might be worth to contact Verizon again. My experience is that their answers vary considerably from one CS rep to another. I don’t have a problem with Verizon service, so at this point I’m inclined to take the path of least resistance and stay with them. Per WCE’s comment, we have a corporate discount.

  111. I will try again. My husband has a corporate discount with AT & T so that might be less expensive for me. The AT & T plan is a little more generous too. I am going to check both rate plans again today.

  112. CoC, I’m so glad Ada’s tip worked!

    If you get a new gadget, forcing yourself to sit through youtube videos of how to use it, as well as grinding through the manual at least once, can go a long way towards making you feel less overwhelmed. Believe me, I know it’s boring and irritating to do those things, but it pays off. Oh, and sometimes those For Dummies books are helpful.

  113. And if you have a specific question, just google it and you’ll find the answer. Googling “iphone how to save picture from email” brings up the answer within seconds.

  114. Regarding cord cutters. Only one of my 4 adult kids has cable, and hers is the micro SD pkg that comes bundled with internet resulting in lower monthly price than Internet alone. There apparently are ways to get sufficient sports.

  115. Dell, My situation is messy. I have two phones at Verizon, but luckily they’re not on a family plan. They are totally separate, and they don’t share anything. I would like to get the 5GB plan at AT & T and share my data with the two phones. I don’t think I will be able to get DD’s phone out of Verizon without a large penalty. She still has 11 months left at Verizon. I am trying to see how much AT & T will pay to help me get her phone out of Verizon.

  116. I tried to be a cord cutter, but just went back. I hate watching shows on my laptop. My daughter, if she is home, will pull up shows (like the debate) that I want to watch on her Mac and put them through to our living room TV with our Apple TV, but I don’t have a Mac so am out of luck if she’s not here. I have gotten by just find for the last 9 months, but the only sport I really watch is my college team play football, and I missed the first two games of the season because I couldn’t get it anywhere. So, since Thursday I’m back to a cable package. I have to admit, I am giddy to have a DVR again. I was able to piece together things to watch, but I love the simplicity of having shows taped and available at whatever time I have available to watch, and starting the game an hour late and skipping all the commercials. It’s just easier, and now I’ll be able to watch whatever comes up without technical assistance from my kids. I’ve decided that’s worth something.

  117. MBT, I’m with you on the convenience factor, especially with sports.I’m so used to skipping commercials it’s agonizing to watch a game live now. And I could find the stuff I want to watch online, but I like having everything on the DVR in one convenient spot, and also not have to deal with buffering issues with slow streams.

  118. Finn, I remember that well. I love this quote from Dee Snider:

    “My wife and I are celebrating 34 years of marriage,” he says. “Al and Tipper Gore cannot say the same thing. None of my children have been busted for possession. Al Gore’s son was busted for possession. And am I bragging? Yes, I am. I didn’t throw stones at their glass house. They were throwing them at mine.”

  119. MBT, sports are the thing keeping the cable companies afloat. We have cable only so DH can watch hockey (and some baseball). We do a lot of streaming but I must admit it is a pain to find shows because they are scattered all about. Someone is going to make a lot of money building an app that ties together all streamable shows in an easy to use manner.

  120. “I must admit it is a pain to find shows because they are scattered all about. Someone is going to make a lot of money building an app that ties together all streamable shows in an easy to use manner.”

    So, basically, like cable. :-)

    Yeah, this is my problem — sure, you can cut the cord and probably find work-arounds to watch almost everything, but I have zero desire to put in that level of effort. I want someone to do that for me — don’t care whether it’s via cable, or fiber-optics, or streaming; I just want it done. So for now, that means Comcast or FiOs; if someone else comes along and offers the same thing at a better price via streaming, then I’ll think about jumping. But the key phrase there is “same thing.”

    I also wonder if all of these new sports deals are going to hasten the demise of cable. It seems like more and more teams are going to their own networks or cutting exclusive deals to keep more cash in-house — I already have run across some NFL games that I can’t see, because they’re on some proprietary network I don’t subscribe to. It sounds like a lot of people are hanging on to cable just because of the sports; but the more those sports are restricted to inaccessible channels, or force you to spend even more $$$ for super-premium, it seems likely that more people will just decide it’s not worth it.

  121. I also wonder if all of these new sports deals are going to hasten the demise of cable. It seems like more and more teams are going to their own networks or cutting exclusive deals to keep more cash in-house

    The money in those deals is based on the subscriber revenue from cable and satellite. The last thing these teams want is to lose the cable subscribers.

  122. I already have run across some NFL games that I can’t see, because they’re on some proprietary network I don’t subscribe to. It sounds like a lot of people are hanging on to cable just because of the sports; but the more those sports are restricted to inaccessible channels, or force you to spend even more $$$ for super-premium, it seems likely that more people will just decide it’s not worth it.

    I assume you’re talking about the NFL Network. The NFL moved games there to put pressure on the cable companies to put it on a lower tier to increase their subscriber revenue.

  123. I am pro-technology, but I refuse to really work at it, which is why we’re sticking with cable. I am sure I can figure out and remember where, when, how to get different things (network tv, sports, other cable-only channels, Netflix), which remote to use, how to record something for later, etc. And my kids are certainly all better at it than I will ever be. And I really want to stay out of the situation of DW wanting to watch e.g. HGTV or something like Say Yes to the Dress or 1st run Big Bang Theory and having to explain where to find it. No lack of gray matter on her part that she would be unable to learn it…she’s just even less motivated to spend her time on it. I agree. When I want to veg, I really want to just sit down and watch.

  124. The money quote – ‘No evidence’ that success at university is linked to achievement in professional assessments, accountancy firm says

  125. Rhett – That is a great insight in the UK context of the article – that is because even today the UK higher education system is more explicitly stratified and exclusionary than anything we have in the US, and students from less advantaged backgrounds and state education rarely have the A levels that qualify them for the nation-wide university programs from which E&Y was recruiting. In the US, public accounting recruiting is regional, but even here there is a class hierarchy in who makes the first recruiting cut. My firm only did direct campus recruiting at the five top regional business oriented programs – including state flagship, so working class kids who took 6 years at xyx state, or Univ urban campus were out of luck (unless they made it through open screening and interviewed with me). Elite college grads, especially in the Northeast, rarely go into public accounting, or if so only for a few years before law school or full time B school.

  126. Re Rhett’s link, PWC is doing something similar. http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2015/05/01/pwc-scrap-ucas-points-entry-criteria-graduate-jobs_n_7189936.html?utm_hp_ref=student-jobs

    From what I can tell, these firms will still recruit from top schools, but discount the value of grades in favor of using their own assessments. I think it’s a step in the right direction, but the cynic in me wonders if this is mainly a way for these employers to promote their efforts to promote diversity among their staff.

  127. Can anyone comment on whether SAT/ACT score requests would be widely allowed under the precedent set by Griggs vs. Duke Power? I thought that part of the reason for the college credentialing requirements of the past ~40 years was that the US has decided that the disparate impact of using standardized test scores is unacceptable, despite the efficiency of using such scores.

  128. In the UK, PwC had an express floor of a particular UCAS score (a composite rating of applicants to university made by a non profit service that scored the credentials of both UK and foreign applicants based on a numerical rating system). Placement in A levels (higher level university prep courses) weighed heavily in that score. So no late bloomers need apply, nor products of disadvantaged educational backgrounds. E&Y UK had a similar system, if not the same one. It would be like E&Y Cleveland saying, no one with SAT/ACT under x/y will be considered.

  129. DD went through the big four recruiting process a few years ago at her flagship state university. They certainly looked at GPA, but also they must have been checking for social skills at their tailgate parties and putt-putt golf outings. I will have to send those articles to her!

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