Family Movie Night

by Seattle Soccer Mom

On Friday nights, we often like to order takeout/delivery and watch a movie. Our kids are 15 and 10 so it can sometimes be a challenge to find a movie that both kids enjoy. Here are some recent movies all four of us liked.

  • Galaxy Quest with Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, and Allen Rickman. PG. Highly recommend this comedy – all of us enjoyed it.
  • My Cousin Vinnie with Joe Pesci and Marisa Tomei. Rated R because close to every other word is the F word. If you don’t have a problem with frequent use of the F word, it’s a pretty funny movie. All of us enjoyed it.
  • Oceans 11 with George Clooney and Brad Pitt. PG-13. What’s not to love?
  • Groundhog Day with Bill Murray. PG. A classic.
  • Elf – we like to watch this at Christmas and let the kids invite friends over to have an Elf dinner: spaghetti with chocolate sauce, candy corn, pop tarts, etc.
  • When the kids were younger, we really enjoyed Hayao Miyazaki’s movies: Howl’s Moving Castle, Castle in the Sky, Spirited Away,….

Fellow Totebaggers – what movies or tv shows do you like to watch as a family?


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  1. DS is four and we have mainly been watching animated stuff, Frozen, Cars, Robin Hood, Beauty & the Beast etc.

    Just recently we have been watching Pee-wee’s Big Adventure, he loves it!

  2. We used to watch the old classics when our kids were younger…Casablanca, To Catch a Thief, Rear Window…almost anything with Cary Grant and Jimmy Steward–only implied sex, no bad language, and they really liked the story lines….

  3. Winemama – your son might also like Mary Poppins – lots of great songs. Sound of Music and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang were also popular with my kids at that age.

  4. We’ve been going back to our own childhoods – just watched War Games with our boys. They LOVED it.

  5. oh yes, we watch Mary Poppins, but never the whole thing at once, it is over 2 hours, 90 minutes is pushing it :)

  6. We used to watch the old classics when our kids were younger…Casablanca, To Catch a Thief, Rear Window…almost anything with Cary Grant and Jimmy Steward–only implied sex, no bad language, and they really liked the story lines….

    I watched these growing up … and Humphrey Bogart!

  7. Great topic! Our boys are 16 and 12. We really like anything Marvel, Fast and Furious, Jurassic Park, Star Wars, and for the 16 year old, Star Trek. DH is over the moon that at least one of his kids likes Star Trek and they often watch Next Generation episodes together.

    We also love, love Agents of Shield, Leverage, and White Collar, which can all be found on Netflix streaming.

    I highly recommend Kevin Costner’s Draft Day for anyone who likes football. It was the best movie that DH and I saw this year.

  8. Up until about 2 years ago, we did movie night often. As the kids tastes have diverted it gets harder to find something. Anything directed by Hayao Miyazaki is still a hit with my kids – Spirited Away, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Howl’s Moving Castle, etc.

    Now at 13 and 15 – they watch a lot of NCIS, Bones, any forensic shows. I’m the one who can’t make it through the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, but everyone else can.

    WIth all their other activities and homework, we all often get restless for long movies and tend to watch tv shows we missed on Netflix. For longer stints, we are usually at the theater these days, which is a new experience for us.

  9. @SSM — great list! We have also been introducing our kids to our version of the “canon” — e.g., Star Wars, The Princess Bride, The Blues Brothers, Monty Python. DD loved Oceans Eleven, but couldn’t sit through more than half of Back to the Future and can barely tolerate Bond (she gets caught up in the stereotypes and predictability; we keep explaining that those movies *invented* a lot of that stuff, but it’s not working). We all love Galaxy Quest; alas, the Last Starfighter didn’t hold up as well as I had hoped (still enjoy the movie, but the kids really couldn’t get past the massively cheesy special effects). Next up is probably Godzilla vs. Mothra, per DS’ recent suggestion.

    I also highly recommend Zombieland, as a NOT horror movie person. It’s been DS’ favorite movie for probably 3 years now. Shaun of the Dead is pretty funny, too, although DS refused to watch that one (we had just gotten back from vacation, and the lure of Mincecraft videos was too strong).

    The biggest recurring movie series in our household is the Avengers — DS adores the Hulk and (is the only one of us who) will watch that whole movie repeatedly; DD loves The Avengers; DH and I both love Ironman; and I will watch any movie with Thor in it. And DD has some inexplicable attraction to Battleship (well, to be more accurate, I am pretty sure the attraction is Taylor Kitsch, but she refuses to acknowledge anything beyond “it’s a great movie, mom!”).

    We are also going to do the whole Star Wars set before the new one comes out — neither DH nor I have ever seen #3 (I get lost in the politics halfway through #2, and, I mean, it’s not like you don’t know how it ends).

  10. Kids are still firmly in cartoon land! Latest favorites include Phineas & Ferb (DH likes also) and the How to Train Your Dragon series on Netflix. I feel bad for #3 child since she often has to watch what the older 2 like and not so much Elmo.

    For car rides etc. we have a lot of Disney etc. DVDs – Toy Story 1 and 2, Cars, Megamind, Wall-E, Incredibles, Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, etc. DS will always request not to have the princess movies. They also love Mary Poppins (I do too) and the first hour or so of the Sound of Music.

  11. LfB #3 was the best of the new star wars films (but not for little kids like the rest, i think it is the only one with a PG 13 rating

  12. Oh, also they like the Neverending Story – DH watched it as a kid and all my friends did too. I don’t like it at all, but it doesn’t rise to the level of “you must turn this off now” like SpongeBob and Dora do.

  13. “introducing our kids to our version of the “canon” — e.g., Star Wars, The Princess Bride, The Blues Brothers,”

    love your movie canon

  14. Also anything Mel Brooks–Young Frankenstein, the original Producers….and the Pink Panther series, Princess Bride, the Jerk….

  15. Oh, yeah, yeah — we just did Young Frankenstein a couple of weeks ago! Kids really enjoyed it.

  16. One of the nicest things about kids getting older is being able to enjoy better programming with them. Guardians of the Galaxy was a big hit with everyone as was Ferris Bueller. My 12 yr. old daughter and I watched Astronaut Wives together and she’s also totally into Parks and Rec. It is fun to be able to make those jokes together “Treat Yourself”. We also like America’s Got Talent. I have caved on language a bit and we watch Katherine Tate and Gavin and Stacey together. My new deal is I’ll take some dirty if it is really good comedy – but NOT Trainwreck dirty yet. As a family we are introducing them to the 80s stuff – Princess Bride, Breakfast Club. Some of that stuff turns out to be a bit dirtier than you remembered! With my daughter’s affinity for Astronaut Wives I think Apollo 13 is next on the list for family movie night.

  17. Although the programming choices improve as the kids get older, I find that the kids are picker about what they will watch. Also, we watch NFL football games together, which are awesome.

  18. We watch some of the ones listed here, as well as Apollo 13, the rest of the Ocean’s movies, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. I’ll second Draft Day, and when it comes out in video, The Man from UNCLE was really fun. My kids ended up really enjoying a couple of old war movies my husband likes – THe Great Great Escape and Kelly’s Heroes. Also, The Monuments Men. With just my daughter, she loved The Waitress. I’ll also second White Collar.

  19. We watched lots of Mystery Science Theater 3000 when DSS was young. It really reaches a wide range of ages.

  20. As if I needed any more proof that I let Kidlet (now 3) watch too much ipad and tv, we have been getting requests to watch teenage mutant ninja turtles and other more teen oriented shows. I need to implement parental controls asap.

    We don’t yet let Kidlet have a say in the Friday night movie lineup.

  21. Yeah, I have also been surprised at the ’80s movies being dirtier than I remembered. Then again, I figure I’ve already won Bad Mom of the Year for the whole Zombieland thing, so it’s not like I have much to lose.

    What’s funny to me is the generation gap that comes into it. I made a Bill and Ted reference the other day, and my daughter was *horrified* at a stoner joke. And I thought, well, ok, I’m good with that. :-) But, you know, it’s weird to realize that my kids are even more square than we were, and a lot of the stuff that was in the background of my culture growing up is just sort of Not Done in her world. So, um, ok. Just, wow, sucks a LOT of the humor out of the ’80s movies!

  22. I watched Jurassic World in the theatre with my parents, but without my kids. All of us loved it. Then, I went home and had to see Jurassic Park to recall what the first movie was like. I liked that too ! If a movie is too scary, I can’t take DD who wakes up in the night scared.

  23. We watch The Amazing Race as a family. That’s a great family show as everyone enjoys it.

    DS is really into Star Wars now. He’s never been much into other movies, but he got hooked after hearing about it so much as school, and his father was happy to oblige by pulling out all his DVD’s! Besides that, we’ve had the best luck with feel-good sports movies.

  24. we watched Princess Bride and the first Narnia once, he will probably enjoy these when he is a little older 6-8

  25. My youngest (2) is currently obsessed with Frozen so that is the only thing she wants to watch right now (while holding her Elsa doll and dressed in an Elsa costume). My oldest was at a sleepover on Friday so we let DS pick the movie and he only wants to watch the movie “Hook” from the 90s. It was the only pirate movie I could find on Netflix a few weeks ago and he watches it at least once a week and has been sleeping in pirate costume. When my kids like a movie they go all in with the theme. Most Fridays if they’re all home I don’t care what they watch as long as they all agree on something.

  26. Atlanta, I totally blocked out Frozen! LOL – we have had a moratorium on that for the last 6 months after watching it maybe 50 times.

  27. L – I may have to do the same. My other two just groan every time she toddles up to me and says “I want to watch Fwozen!” We are all so sick of that movie.

  28. We just watched “Home” from Redbox. It was fine. “Shaggy Dog” is on the docket.
    If you like “Apollo 13”, you might like “Fat Man and Little Boy”.
    We have specific ages you can watch Star Wars movies in our home.

    I’m going to refer back to this thread for recommendations, I think.

    Baby WCE has a separate Netflix login than the boys, so she can have her own toddler shows when she gets older.

  29. With older kids: Inside Man and The Italian Job; Hitch, Galaxy Quest and lots of other movies mentioned above are favorites.

    The Secret of Roan Inish is also good for the whole family. I’ll try to think of more!

  30. My stepson’s mother let him watch There’s Something About Mary when he was 10. After that I figured she had no standing to complain about ANYTHING we showed him, up to and including Last Tango In Paris (which I would never ever show him because I hate it with stilts on.)

    Seriously, MST3K is remarkably clean.

  31. Of course, my kids left home before DVD players and more importantly digital TVs were affordable. So movie night was not what it is today. We went to the movies often, and theaters still showed older movies and rereleases. In addition to LfB’s canon and the 80s staples such as Back to the Future and Ferris Bueller, my kids loved Hairspray (original) and CryBaby (I did not show them Pink Flamingos). And what red blooded female over the age of 12 can resist Lloyd Dobler and the boom box in Say Anything.

  32. As my kids have gotten older, I had thought we could get into a greater variety of movies, and to some extent, we have. We saw Chef recently, and Whale Rider, and Lincoln (wow, was that tedious). But mainly what the kids want these days is to watch old episodes of Star Trek and the Tom Baker era Doctor Who (thank god, not the current version which is too teenybopper for my taste). They are all totally into cooking competitions too – Great Food Truck Race and Master Chef. They also like documentaries!! Especially the new Cosmos. While we were on vacation, we also watched one of the episodes of that documentary on the Roosevelts.

  33. We also watched Selma recently, and all 3 kids were riveted. Particularly DD, who has been waking up to issues of race this year in general, asked a lot of questions.

  34. We haven’t encountered this yet. DS will experience our canon (similar to LfB’s, because her taste is just awesome). We will have DVDs for every age bracket. I’m pretty sure in a year or so, I’ll start breaking out episodes of the Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show to leave on in the background for noise. Maybe even Tiny Toons, Pinky and the Brain, or Animaniacs too.

    Currently, DS’s favorite shows are Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. He’s either 112 years old or likes the colors.

    Our bookshelves are organized from bottom to top by age-appropriateness. So, when DS starts moving (sooner rather than later), he’ll find books on the bottom he can look at/read now. As he ages/gets taller, each shelf increases the in difficulty. Finally, at the top (our sight-line and higher), are the adult themed books, first-edition paperbacks, etc. Our DVDs are no where near as organized… and they never will be.

  35. One interesting thing, DS remembers theme songs. He turns to the TV if Golden Girls or Gilmore Girls come on. I watched Golden Girls during his 11p feedings, Gilmore Girls during the 11a feedings. I also sang the theme songs to him (particularly Gilmore Girls).

  36. Slightly off topic – I am putting in a plug for a nifty little device that allowed us to continue Friday movie night even while travelling for vacation – an Amazon Fire stick. It cost me $35, is really tiny and portable, and what makes it different from the other little streaming sticks made by Google and whoever else is that it has software to connect to the hotel login portal so you can sign in while connecting to the hotel Internet. That was always a problem for the other streaming solutions – you can’t just connect in most hotels – you have to bring up a browser and type in your room number or whatever. Anyway, it worked perfectly, although in Canada it couldn’t connect to Netflix, probably because of licensing issues. But we were able to watch Amazon movies everywhere, and Netflix in the US, and it works with Hulu too though we don’t use that service.

  37. DD (32) and I saw a parent of Frozen themed toddler sandals in the store the other day. I commented that she would have wanted them if the movie came out when she was little. We checked the price tag – $14.99. Yikes!

  38. Ooooooh, Pinky and the Brain — yes! Narf!

    PS — has anyone else seen the promos for the new Charlie Brown movie? I had a visceral “I am NOT going to see that” reaction that is usually reserved for horror movies. I guess it’s just not Charlie Brown without the music, the very simple cartoon drawings, or the “mwa-ma-mwa-mwa-maaah.”

    And in another generation gap: DH and I were talking about how you can sing XX to the theme of “Gilligan’s Island” — and neither kid had the slightest clue what we were talking about. We ended up explaining the whole show — they didn’t know the theme song, the concept, the characters, anything.

  39. We watch the Amazing race, the Great Food Truck Race, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team, and lots of stuff on HGTV. I am trying to avoid HGTV right now because of my home reno, but the network is pretty clean to watch with kids.

    We don’t watch a lot of the stuff that DD would like to watch such as One Tree Hill or Gossip Girl. A lot of her friends are watching this on netflix, but we said no way. Her favorite movies are Pitch perfect and Pitch perfect2. The content used to go over her head, but now it isn’t exactly appropriate.

    She watched A LOT of stuff when we were driving through CA, and she was able to keep watching netflix on jet blue because the wifi is free and fast enough to stream.

    off topic, my contractor didn’t show up today. no call, or text. I finally reached him around 10 through his office and he said that he assigned my team to another job for a week, but the job ran longer than he expected. He will “let me know” when they will be back. My house is still all plastic, or cardboard on every floor. We are sharing one bathroom and sleeping on mattresses in our office because they’re still working in the master. I can’t wait to get rid of this guy.

  40. My youngest watches Simpsons all.the.time. I tell myself that it justifies our cable subscription, since a cable service login is required for both the FX Now website and Roku app.

    In addition to some of those 80s classics mentioned above (you guys forgot Clue), we’ve been watching the Librarians movies while waiting for season 2 of the tv show to appear. I like the tv show better. It’s a good family watch for tweens through adults. Younger than tweens, could be too scary — the episode with the mystery house especially.

    Young Indiana Jones is a really good family series, and the episodes are movie-length (although they readily split into two 45 minute segments). It seems to have dropped off of streaming Netflix, darn it (we still have a couple of episodes to go — there were many episodes), but a search showed YouTube and Hulu hits.

  41. LfB – I have seen the new promos and plan on seeing the movie. I like Charlie Brown and followed some of the animation evolution post Shultz’s death. I want to give it a chance at new life because the legacy of the idea.

    On Gilligan’s Island – it’s on TV land… you must educate your children! LOL!

  42. HM – we’ve been watching the movies too! We love the show and are waiting patiently (OK not so much) for its return. It’s taken the place of Warehouse 13 for us.

    I want to find Encyclopedia Brown: Boy Detective TV show for DS. I know the books are still around, but the TV show was cute (and made when HBO and other cable TV channels had quality kid programs… looking at you Disney and Nick…). Considering I watch a lot of kids/tween shows and find the content more adult that I think should be appropriate, I see us trying to expose him to shows from our youth.

    Speaking of inappropriate, someone needs to tell CBS that Two Broke Girls should not be on at 8:30pm. I caught an episode of that recently, and holy moly, so raunchy.

  43. @Rhode — yeah, see, that was the weird thing — I like Peanuts ok, but it was never my “thing” like, say, Bloom County or Macgyver or Star Wars. So the intensity and immediacy of my dislike took me by surprise.

  44. MooshiMooshi, isn’t Peter Capaldi a bit old to be considered a teenybopper?

  45. Honolulu: Just reserved a Librarians movie at the library. Thanks for the recommendation!

  46. Is that the new doctor? I haven’t seen the latest one. I saw a number of episodes with Mr Bow Tie Guy, and also the one before.
    It is the feel of the show. It is all teen-angsty-feelings. The girl companion is either moping about her lack of a relationship with Mr Bow Tie, or moping that she is too working class for his friends, or both. You never would have seen Romana moping about her relationship with Tom Baker.

  47. LfB – I can understand why that’s weird, but I just don’t have any similarities… I cannot empathize. I tried to say “I felt the same with Dark Shadows”… but I liked the show. I did boycott the movie for months on the premise that the movie did a disservice to the TV show. And I was right. But the movie had its merits.

    Just a thought… we need a MacGuyer reboot. That was a fun show. And A-Team too. The movie was great, and I think a TV show would be fun!

    HM – I’m so happy! :)

  48. This discussion motivated me to add “How It’s Made” DVD’s to our library list. No one will be surprised that my family enjoys that and my kids are more ready for it than when we tried a couple years ago.

  49. @Rhode — ITA about A-Team. Can we keep Liam Neeson as Hannibal? :-) And speaking of Richard Dean Anderson, I miss Stargate. And Babylon 5. And Eureka. (Hmm, I am sensing a theme here)

    DD LOVES The Librarians and will be happy to have it back; she is still mourning “Forever.” And I haven’t even told her that they just started a new Sherlock on Mystery. :-) She also adored Poldark and is SO upset that she is going to have to wait another year or so for more episodes! Meanwhile, y’all got me watching the Phryne Fisher mysteries, and now *I* am annoyed that they are showing a new season in Australia that I can’t get here!

  50. Hey, MacGyver’s on Netflix, I think, and there are a zillion seasons.

  51. If you get Acorn on Roku, the new Phryne Fishers are coming in September.

  52. It would depend on the kid, but there are many harmless little British mysteries such as Poirot, Miss Marple, Foyle’s War (that’s darker, but still harmless) on Netflix. I watch them because I’m old and I’m like Grandpa Simpson whining “I wanna watch Matlock!”. I can also still happily watch Rocky and Bullwinkle.

  53. “Latest favorites include Phineas & Ferb ”

    I enjoy watching that with the kids. It’s apparently very popular with the kids in their school, at least the HS and MS kids my kids know. It’s a very popular subject of discussion among DS’ HS friends.

    It’s really cool that DS gets all the homages thrown in (I thought the West Side Story one was great). And if didn’t get any, he’ll hear about them from his friends.

  54. My kids do NOT like Foyle’s war. It didn’t help that the first one they saw had a child as a murder victim. Poirot, on the other hand, is a favorite, especially with my daughter.

  55. LfB – your daughter and I are mourning together. Forever had potential… it just came too late (or early) on the wave of that type of show… Sigh. You should also introduce your family to Firefly if you haven’t yet.

    Phineas and Ferb is a fav in our house too. We kept the final episode on our DVR because it’s just too perfect to let go. We loved catching the references, and the imagination of the show. We still watch when we catch it on.

    My mom ate up Poldark. And I catch her watching other British shows – Upstairs/Downstairs, Butterfly, and a few others which escape my memory. She watches my son during the day, so as he ages he’s either going to speak like a chef on the food network, or a middle age British guy from the 70s (pick your century… 18, 19, 1770s…)… HM, he may need your son’s tux as a hand-me-down if that’s cool.

  56. “I am trying to avoid HGTV right now because of my home reno, but the network is pretty clean to watch with kids.”

    I’ve mentioned before how we watched this with the kids, and that I thought it was educational for them. They got a real-world idea of how much it can cost to buy or renovate a home, and they also had a chance to see how housing prices vary with location, and how certain types of people were able to afford certain types of homes.

  57. Monty Python movies
    Ferris Bueller
    The King’s Speech
    The Birdcage

    get watched all the time, but my kids are older.
    When they were little, it was all Disney. Fortunately our nanny loved Disney too, so I never actually had to sit through any of the movies in a theater–she always took them.

  58. “he’s either going to speak like a chef on the food network”

    DD has lately been watching food network a lot lately. I’m glad, because in conjunction with that, she’s also started preparing her own lunches to take to school, which relieves me of that chore, which always felt like trying to hit a moving target.

    I do wish the food network shows would put more emphasis on cleaning up after cooking.

  59. I need to expand my TV and movie viewing beyond news and reality shows. We do family nights and take turns selecting, and I dutifully watch while trying not to doze off. I can’t even remember the names of what has been selected since I rarely like any choices. The last ones I remember that I liked were Ferris Bueller and The Borgias. Although my kids are adults, I remain a bit uncomfortable watching what I consider explicit sex scenes with them. And so much violence . . .

    My H is a Dark Shadows nut, and he’s taken our oldest to their reunion shows and they’ve all re-watched the series at least once. On a recent road trip we visited the Newport RI house used for exterior shots (Collingwood), and peered through the bushes to get photos. It’s a private home, with no trespassing signs all around, but we encountered a few other tourists also trying to get a look.

  60. “Hey, MacGyver’s on Netflix, I think, and there are a zillion seasons.”

    Netflix, Schmetflix. DH bought me the entire DVD set for Christmas/Hanukkah a couple of years ago.

  61. HM, he may need your son’s tux as a hand-me-down if that’s cool.

    Sure, and he’ll be outgrowing it within the next six months or so. But maybe I should first send it out to a Totebag son who’s closer to wearing a size 12. It can be a Totebag tradition, the tuxedo that keeps getting passed on to the next appropriately-sized boy with aspirations to elegance.

  62. I think we’ve watched pretty much the entire Miyazaki catalog too.

    I really like that DS has taken an interest in classic films. I’ll scan the upcoming TCM network every now and then, and record some of the classics that I like, or want to see, and he’ll often watch parts of them with me (my movie watching tends to come in 15 to 30 minute blocks, as I clean up the kitchen).

    Last week, he walked in as I was watching “Singin’ in the Rain,” and immediately stopped what he’d been doing to watch.

  63. “off topic, my contractor didn’t show up today. no call, or text.”

    That’s the way it began with us, and ultimately we had to fire him and find a replacement. From what you’ve mentioned before this is unlikely to happen to you, but I have to say our contractor came with great recommendations and we had seen some of his recent jobs. But I think it was a drinking problem, among other things.

    I think we’ve discussed this here before how contractors often don’t have the greatest communication and general business skills, which seems to be what you’re having to deal with.

  64. If you love animation, I suggest the Triplets of Belleville. DH and I go to animated movies by choice frequently, including the Miyazaki catalog. If we are talking TV, my kids watched reruns and/or real time, with me – Star Trek through DS9, Twilight Zone marathons, McGyver, CHIPS – Erik Estrada started out as the comic relief Mexican and the drippy white guy was supposed to be the romantic lead, Quantum Leap, Moonlighting. I watched with them in the 80s He-Man, Dragon Ball Z, Transformers. And with the two youngest Buffy. And there is always Firefly….

  65. My kids (and us parents too) never tire of Miyazaki. My kids gave me a Totoro music box for Christmas last year, in fact, and everyone has Tshirts with various Miyazaki characters. When the kids were a little younger, they also loved watching the series Avatar, The Last Airbender which borrows heavily from Miyazaki for its style.

  66. My kids all like Big Bang Theory, but my DH despises the show, so we can’t watch it as a family. I prefer Silicon Valley because it is more realistic (depicts a-holish geeks instead of sweet teddy bear-like geeks), but it is so NOT family friendly.

  67. but it is so NOT family friendly.

    Ah yes, the insight that lead to their compression algorithm.

  68. bwa-ha-ha!
    On the other hand, I really like that the plot is all about a compression algorithm, rather than some sily consumer app. Far more realistic, and better computer science too.

  69. Off-topic: My parents visited this weekend and brought a suitcase full of produce, including grape-sized yellow tomatoes. We do not usually serve dessert and my dad wanted a little something sweet after dinner, so he went to the kitchen and proceeded to eat several of the small golden spheres. Evidence that the infamous dessert tomato is alive and well in Totebaglandia!

  70. Also: Love all of these ideas! Great inspiration to write my own list for the future (with many suggestions from this post). :)

  71. My mother used to visit in the summer with a suitcase full of produce from her garden. Sometimes I really miss her.

  72. Oh, and Top Gear! No sex or violence, and even *I* like it, and I don’t care about cars.

  73. Also, when my stepson was a young teen, we bonded over Daria. It’s probably available somewhere.

  74. Junior and I are addicted to on TV or Netflix
    Burn Notice:
    Miami Vice.
    Me only:
    Golden Girls;
    Cacoon I and II.

  75. Me only:
    Scandal–DH was morally offended at the adultery in the plot.
    Wolf Hall–Loved it! Saw it in one weekend when the family was away, which is rare for me.
    West Wing re-runs

  76. You have a favorite theme song that wasn’t written by Earle Hagen? Heresy!

    “His best-known TV themes include those for Make Room For Daddy, The Dick Van Dyke Show, I Spy, That Girl and The Mod Squad. He is also remembered for co-writing and whistling “The Fishin’ Hole”, the melody of the main theme to The Andy Griffith Show; writing the instrumental classic “Harlem Nocturne” used as the theme to television’s Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer; and co-writing the theme song to Tim Conway’s Western comedy Rango.[1][2]”

  77. Rhett, that theme music from Dallas was perfect. I swear I’m going to play that on the way out of my dealership with my Continental!

    I’ve never liked the Golden Girl’s theme song– although I understand most of the jokes in the show, unfortunately.

    For Milo, from the way it is portrayed on the show, the GGs live in North Miami beach. That home, even without bathrooms, garage or room for a table that can sit the four of them, would probably list at $2 M today, and because of flooding (not caused by Global Warning– no proof, ask Jeb!) sell for $1.7.

    Did Scarface have a theme song? Something, say, from Scott Joplin?

  78. My youngest watches Simpsons all.the.time.

    My kids have been obsessed with it for the last year or so.

  79. I hear he also pilots planes under an assumed name.

    I was going to say that was by far his best performance. Much better than anything he did on the court.

  80. HM, did you ever hear that he used to come here regularly enough to keep a car here– a Honda Civic with the driver’s seat removed so he could drive from the bank seat?

  81. From the parenting trenches – bringing of snacks is now banned for the team at DS’s soccer games. You may bring a snack for your own child but no eating on the sidelines of the soccer field. A big change…..

  82. For the HP fans… According to JK, today would be the day that James starts Hogawarts… which means in 2 years, we’ll catch up to the final scene of the final movie (19 years later) when Albus starts Hogwarts… can you believe the books “ended” 17 years ago?

  83. I was surprised that Harry Potter is “older” than me since I think I was in high school when the first book was released

  84. Wow, barring snacks seems like a positive trend. This is so different from what I used to see when my kids were little. Could it be that people have realized shoving food at kids all day long may contribute to obesity?

  85. NYSE invokes Rule 48 for open, Dow futures tumble more than 400

    And apparently Kanye West will be our next president after Trump. Interesting times.

  86. bringing of snacks is now banned for the team at DS’s soccer games.

    ITA! with this.

    The oranges at halftime…no so much.

    Although around here some new fields have been built and they are artificial turf, not grass. The rules for those include no drinks other than water, no food of any kind.

  87. love the rockford files them song, but one of my favorites is from The Greatest American hero.
    I wish they would ban snack, but I don’t think it would ever happen around here.

    we have a strict no dogs rule because all of the fields in the towns are “borrowed” from the school districts on the weekends and evenings. the schools don’t want damage or poop from dogs so there is a strict no dog policy, but loads of people still bring dogs.

    I’m actually tired of people breaking rules all of the time. the one that is driving me crazy today is the express line at the supermarket. how hard is it for the cashier to tell them it is express. this is in a supermarket with no self check out, so it is a pain.

  88. The league borrows fields from the school district – so they had the no dogs rule in place already. They had an issue with the litter on the fields, no snacks should help with this. In spite of repeated warnings parents continued to park in grassy areas instead of the designated lots (with ample parking but a little bit of walking). Also there are strict rules around parent conduct towards staff/coaches/players with the consequences spelled out.

  89. “No oranges at halftime” sounds like the title of a kids’ book. Or something.

  90. Ds and dd used to watch an episode of Malcolm in the Middle every morning before they left for school (maybe around middle school/early hs). It put them in a good mood to start the day!

  91. Wine – the battle occurred in 1998. Harry was born in 1980/1 (I think), meaning that he would be 35/4 this year. It’s quite possible he has a 10 year old son. He just got an earlier start than us! :) And Lupin’s son, Teddy, would be 17/8 and graduating Hogwarts this year.

  92. Wine – the gist of the story. Kid started playing soccer and was thrilled that there were snacks after the game including ones that his mother detested like Cheetos. As he grew older the thrill of snack waned and he became much better at soccer and started to like being on the field with a group of kids from different schools. As the years passed, his mother turned into a soccer Mom complete with camp chair with canopy. Now, snack has gone but soccer remains.

  93. winemama, 5 1/2 for Star Wars 4, 5 and 6 and 7 1/2 for Star Wars 1, 2 and 3. DS1 was still scared at 7 1/2 and we aren’t sure if we’ll raise the age for the twins, but DS1 was scared by ET (left the room) and the twins were fine with it, so maybe it’s OK regardless.

    This topic made me think about the problems with far-future family movie nights raised by “appropriateness for Baby WCE.”

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