A Real Tote Bags Topic!

by L

How NPR Tote Bags Became a Thing

How many Totebaggers have an NPR or other non-profit tote? Does anyone have a full set of monogrammed tote bags for each member of the family?


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  1. I have tons and tons of those WNYC totes that stuff into microscopically small stuffbags

  2. I have a bazillion canvas totebags from various library-related conferences over the years. I use the as grocery bags.

  3. With our Art Institute membership, we get a free tote bag every year. But I never bother to get it because I don’t really use totebags. Reusable grocery store bags on the other hand, I can’t get enough of. But they are bigger & more useful for groceries.

    I have a massive monogrammed canvas bag from LL Bean. It is my beach bag. It was a wedding shower gift.

  4. We don’t have an NPR tote bag, but my husband has a fleece jacket embroidered with the logo of a local NPR radio station, which he wears all the time. (It was his gift of choice when he made a contribution to the station a couple of years ago.)

    We have lots of canvas tote bags, which we use for grocery shopping, but most of them just bear the name of the local super market (where we bought them). The one non-profit tote we have is from the World Wildlife Fund. DD, who is an animal lover, recently sent them a contribution, and they sent her the tote and a little stuffed animal as thank-you gifts.

    I have a few non-logo totes in fun, colorful prints that I use when I run errands. They’re nylon, so very packable — I try to keep an empty one in my purse so I always have one with me. I hate accumulating a bunch of paper and plastic bags from stores — too much clutter to bring into my house!

  5. At one point we all had monogrammed canvas bags from LL Bean that we received as gifts, but they were victims of my daughter’s last stomach bug (top bunk vomiting disaster) so we are officially without tote bags. I do have a bunch of the reusable grocery bags and that’s what I use for most things.

  6. Small hijack: Allergy update – To whomever recommended taking a child dose of children’s allergy medicine – THANK YOU!

    A child’s does of children’s Benadryl, plus a cappuccino, has worked best for me so far. Zyrtec did not help my itchy eyes and gave me a terrible, long lasting head ache. Claritin 12 hour ready tabs worked OK sleepiness-wise, but gave minimal relief. Claritin 24 hour did not work at all for my itchy eyes and made me really sleepy. I have not yet tried Flonase.

    I’ve also be using moisturizing eye drops in combination with the medicine.

  7. I always find it so funny that we use the name Totebag for our site. When I first moved to CT for grad school, I remember talking to my mother on the phone, trying to explain to her the kind of people who lived in that part of CT (pseudo rural, very preppie, well educated). I said, “the women all wear sensible shoes, carry LL Bean totebags from which everything from kleenex to knitting to apples emerge, and they shop at food coops!!” ( this was long enough ago that Whole Foods and the ilk did not exist). My mother remembered that, and for years we used the term “totebag lady” to refer to well off New England women.

  8. We have several LL Bean tote bags with our name on them – mostly my parents give them to us. :) I find them too heavy to use for regular days but I do pack things in them for vacations – they are particularly good for things that you need in a hurry (raincoats) that are not easy to corral otherwise. I also have one from my work, but I don’t like to carry that.

    I have a few store bags (athleta, sephora) that I got when I bought something, and those are good for ballet or t-ball bags. I use mostly double-bagged paper bags for grocery runs, or the ‘regular’ reusable grocery bags. Those don’t last super long, though.

  9. We have Totebags to use for grocery shopping. The key is to leave them in the car, so they always arrive at the grocery when they are needed. I am estimating we have 14, mostly bearing charitable writing or logos of some kind.

  10. ATM – Glad the advice on children’s meds was helpful. It keeps me going during allergey season!

    The link above appears to be broken. Just over 20 years ago I ordered some beautiful grocery totebags from a museum catalog – Boston or NY. I was newly divorced and hated the multiple trips to the car due to the large number of plastic bags with very few items in each one from the grocery store. Plus, they had long handles and I could put them over a shoulder and have one hand free to unlock the door. At that time,using reusable bags was not common. We still use these – only one handle on one bag has needed to be restitched.

    Fast forward, our city has banned the use of the “single use” plastic bag and most stores make you pay for bags – think Target, Walmart, etc. – either paper or reusable. When this change went into effect, many places were giving away one bag per purchase or selling them at extremely low prices – 50 cents each for decent quality reusables. We always took the free ones. Then different groups began handing them out as “prizes” or confernce swag bags. We now have a collection. Some are not of good quality and they become the next bag to cart things to Goodwill.

    We also use the mesh produce bags, so we rarely are bringing in plastic from the grocery store.

  11. We have over fifty totebags, but 90% are from banks or investment banks. We’ve received them at conferences or meetings. I’ve tossed out some of the bags, but my DH wants to hang on to all his old Lehman bags. We have a giant LL Bean one from some hedge fund that I like to use for the beach.
    I stopped using some of my JP Morgan bags when they were really unpopular.
    I don’t have any NPR, but I think I might have one PBS that I received from my father.

  12. We use totebags and those reusable grocery bags all the time. We have 2 giant LL Bean bags for the beach and picnic outings. DS has his own bag for toys (March of Dimes logo on it), our dog has his own (free bag from Del Sol in Bar Harbor), and DH and I each keep 4-5 in our cars for grocery runs. We have one long handled LL Bean bag that holds all the other bags on a nail in the basement stairwell. My favorite are the grocery style bags with purple Halloween prints on them and the bright orange one from Daytona, FL. Mostly because they are purple and orange. I was sick of the green S&S ones.

    When we are done having kids, I’m probably going to invest in 1 for each member (including 4 legged ones) so that when we travel, I can just toss person specific items in there (or attach lists for that particular person to pack).

  13. NoB – I usually decline the free gifts – I have more mugs than fit on the designated shelf and a pile of conference totebags, athletic bags, backpacks in the attic. But I did take an oversized fleece vest from that radio station – it gets lots of use.

    Most of the swag I accumulate is from professional conferences or cosmetic counter promotions. The bags come in handy when a visitor leaves with more than they brought or when I need to carry things somewhere and plan to discard the bag at the destination. I don’t find the canvas bags useful for groceries – too wide, not deep enough. I have an insulated tote from TJ’s and a couple of old WF bags – I don’t buy more than that at one trip. My favorites bags to save are well made synthetic cloth bags from purchases in exotic destinations.

  14. While we have plenty of totebags of various sizes, none are from NPR. DW uses one we got at a reunion from b-school (notice the nice work-in of something along the lines of “when I was in grad school…”?) or as a thank you for a gift to same. Just like the LLBean large one, but with the school crest. At least 20 years old, has taken a licking and keeps on ticking. Beach, other day trips, perfect!

  15. the one “totebag” that I use a lot is the costco totebag, it’s really big and sturdy so great for going to the beach or camping.

  16. I have a bazillion canvas totebags from various library-related conferences over the years. I use the as grocery bags.

    I’m concerned that so much totebaggery contained in a single act will cause a rift in the space time continuum.

  17. Meme — I’m generally with you regarding declining the thank-you gifts from charities — they just add more clutter to the house. But honestly, I think the main reason my daughter wanted to contribute to the WWF was to get the cute bag and stuffed animal; sadly, actually helping the animals was sort of a secondary consideration for her. But it was her own money (from a recent birthday), so I let her do her thing with it.

  18. Rhett — Just think if those library tote bags are used at a farmer’s market!

  19. DH and I saw the TIAA-CREF financial planner guy yesterday. We liked him lots better than the Vanguard guy. He asked us to describe ourselves and we ended up saying we were Camry people. We don’t drive a 15-year-old Cutlass, but we also don’t drive Mercedes S-class. We like to be comfortable but not extravagant. He thought that was hilarious.

  20. I will confess to a couple of Audubon totebags, as well as a monogrammed Land’s End one (L.L. Bean doesn’t have the same geographical pull for us so we’re happy enough to go with the competition). And the conference totebags. And the Costco ones.

    We have a bag ban going into effect July 1 so I will have to step up my grocery totebag game!

  21. And don’t forget that those bags are used for mom/dad to bring snacks to Juniors fencing tournament. Followed by Juniorette’s soccer game.

  22. My favorite totes are the colorful nylon ones that fold up to the size of small computer mouse. I always have one or two in my handbag and they get the most use out of all my tote bags. For a long time, I couldn’t find them in the US. I would get them in Germany, where you always had to bring your own bag or buy a bag, at least in the grocery stores.

    I have some LL Bean monogramed nylon totes that I like and that I’ve given as gifts. They’re much lighter and less bulkier than the canvas totes and they have like 7 pockets. I also keep regular grocery totes and insulated bags in the car. We have quite a collection now – from banks, DD’s school, supermarkets, T Joes, etc. My favorite conference bag is a backpack that I’ve turned into a gym bag. Most of the laptop type bags I just leave behind in the hotel room.

  23. We have a bag ban in one city I grocery shop in. I keep a couple small nylon bags in my purse, but they are usually insufficient for even “a quick stop”. I often end up paying the 5 cents for paper bags, because my brain is too full to rotate the grocery bags among the vehicles. My un-Totebaggery is revealed.

  24. I don’t think I have any tote bags, but I have coolers out the wazoo.

  25. RMS – I was planning to get rid of my 2005 camry with 75K in 15 mos when a muni bond matures – I suppose a 1000 bill at the 75K check up and the prospect of having to buy new tires got me thinking. Well, a got a second flat in six months and couldn’t put off the tires. Between the replacement of all of the 10 year old hoses, particular in the steering, and the tires, it drives like new. I guess I will end up with a 15 year old Camry after all…

  26. No NPR or PBS tote bags here, but this fold-up backpack comes in handy for trips.

  27. 1-2 years ago, the NPR was giving out a “Nina Totenbag” (Nina Totenberg is the legal correspondent) as the free gift. I almost donated (I’m an NPR freeloader with guilt) just to get one. I find Trader Joe’s grocery bags the sturdiest. I use a small one of the cheap recycled cloth variety (freebie) as a lunch bag so I can just toss it if something spills in it. A friend who is a microbiologist refuses to use reusable grocery bags saying they are chock full of germs. Remember to wash and/or lysol them regularly.

    FYI-living social has monogrammed totebags if anyone needs one.

  28. I love love love plastic grocery bags. I am aware that this is terrible. But, they are useful and pack up so small. They tear less often than paper bags. I don’t have to remember to bring them to the store. We just moved outside the city limits — it brought tears to my eyes when the bagger at the store asked me, “paper or plastic”? In the city, I was accumulating paper bags faster than I could fill them with compost and throw them in the yard waste. Now I can neatly store all my plastic bags in one of those handy Ikea plastic bag cages (the house came pre-installed with two!!! my dream home!!!). My lifetime supply of plastic bags uses less oil than a whole lot of terrible things that I don’t do (I won’t be specific, because then someone could say I’m wrong).

  29. We have a few small tote bags from a number of places. What we use a lot are small drawstring nylon back packs which are often given out with freebies in them. Kids use them a lot. They don’t last too long so we tend to hoard whichever ones we get. We tend to reuse or recycle our plastic grocery bags and also the paper shopping bags we get from stores. Often I will ask store attendants not to give me one more shopping bag or any tissue paper – I’ll put everything into the biggest bag.

  30. I am going off to spend mother’s day weekend with dd and my stuff is packed into my swag backpack from the nature travel company. The forecast is great for Nats/Braves. One pair of sandals, change of clothes, necessaries, no jacket, limited toiletries, a tablet and a phone. We agreed not to go out anywhere that required a dress and good shoes. Charlie card, frequent flyer miles and Metro ticket. Bliss.

  31. Ada – we don’t bother with reusable grocery bags yet, either. Now that diapers are behind us, we won’t reuse grocery bags for diaper disposal any more, but I’ll just continue to bring a big ball of them to Target for recycling.

    We don’t drink bottled water, so we’re more than covered in offsets.

    OT – we have tons of Thirty One bags for all purposes, courtesy of those Mom businesses you all despise.

  32. Ada – I like the plastic shopping bags too. I reuse them for all kinds of things – to contain kitty litter scoopings, to line all our small trash cans, to send school lunches. When they finally go away, I don’t know what I will do

  33. Yes! Dirty diapers! Wet Clothes! Banana peels! Freshly painted preschool art! All the things I love to put in plastic bags. I can keep some of them in the car, fill them with trash and THROW THEM AWAY!!!!

  34. Meme – your packing list sounds wonderfully compact!

    I rarely use tote bags for shopping – my contrary nature makes me pay the 10 cent punishment (I call it that because it is not a fee and not a tax, it is a disincentive, I suppose). I also use paper bags for all of my recycling. They fit perfectly behind my garbage can in that particular kitchen drawer, and they are just the size to hold newspapers.

    I take plastic bags when I can get them, but it is pretty rare nowadays!

    They also work nicely for composting when you have a bunch of stuff like salad detritus and corn on the cob and the small green bin I have is too small.

    I do have a few sturdy tote bags to bring on car trips or to games to hold all of the “stuff” we need to bring. The LLBean totes have lasted a very long time!

  35. “OT – we have tons of Thirty One bags for all purposes, courtesy of those Mom businesses you all despise.”

    A friend tried to suck me into Thirty One. I ran in the other direction…. and then the website drew me back in. Just when I thought I was out!

    We use plastic shopping bags for dog poop. I got a box of 250 purple Babies R Us diaper disposal bags. I LOVE them more than life itself. They smell like baby powder. Totally makes changing the kid in public, or picking up dog poo much better. They also keep wet/dirty bottle parts from infecting the rest of the diaper bag (one day soon I’ll be using normal bottles with travel caps! One day soon I won’t have to bring a cup around to rinse DS’ retainer out! One day soon he’ll be all grown up and I’ll miss this!)

  36. My kids need new school back packs – I thought of LL Bean back packs. Any other suggestions for sturdy older kid back packs ?

  37. Louise, even though we’re more of a Land’s End customer, school backpacks is the one thing we’ll seek out LL Bean to order.

  38. @ Rhode – I don’t think you’ll miss carrying a diaper bag. In my case the number of things that I needed for the kids got smaller and there was a phase where I was carrying a kiddy totebag :-).

  39. I don’t have much to add about totebags as I always forget mine when going to the grocery store.

    But, for those around my age: Kurt Loder is 70. Let that sink in for a minute.

  40. We buy either LLBean or Lands End backpacks, depending on which looks more attractive in a given year. I don’t replace them every year because in fact they last quite well. But with 3 kids, there is usually at least one backpack purchase each year.

  41. We shop REI or Dicks for back packs. We buy real camping backpacks, and they wear well.

  42. We used to buy LL Bean backpacks until the kids entered middle school. Then the weight of their books became so great that the backpacks would rip. Now we shop at REI or eBags and get heavy duty backpacks with appropriate padding and back support. It is really sad to see my skinny 6th grader struggle with such a monstrous backpack.

  43. I do not have any NPR totabags since I have never actually donated to NPR. (GASP!) I got a good deal on Thirty One’s utility totes once when I was buying some of their insulated totes as gifts, so I got 3 of those bags that stand up on their own at $5 each for myself, and I use them for grocery shopping and everything. I do still have a few LL Bean totebags of various sizes and monograms that were all gifts except the one I bought for my old dog. Now I feel bad about having his name on the bag that I’m using for the new pup! I also have a ton of those give-away reusable grocery bags with various business names on them from community events and conferences.

    Also, Target’s plastic bags are the perfect size for all of my bathroom trash cans, and I use other plastic grocery bags for dog poop. However, now I’m thinking about buying some baby-powder-scented disposal bags for that chore!

  44. Thanks Cat S, for making me feel really old!
    Carson Daly said something really funny recently when he interviewed Madonna for the Today Show – something like it was his first time interviewing her because when he was at MTV the great Kurt Loder always got the good interviews.

  45. Louise– DW got the kids LL Bean backpacks a few years ago, and the were quite good and durable.

    Since he started HS, DS, has been buying cheap used books from older kids or the school carnival, in an effort to have one copy at home and one at school for as many of his subjects as possible. That has really cut down on the wear on his backpack.

  46. FWIW, the giant LL Bean backpack that I had all through college and law school (with commensurately giant books) is still going strong, lo these many years later. It mostly goes on trips now, so not quite as heavy use. I buy the kids’ backpacks there as well.

  47. This may severely diminish my totebag cred, but I don’t use totebags much. Those that I have (the best of which is a very nice Trader Joe’s bag, courtesy of a generous fellow totebagger) are primarily used as shopping bags. Since we do most of our grocery shopping at Costco, they don’t get a whole lot of use.

    For carrying around the sort of stuff my mom used to carry in her totebag, I’m more of a backpack sort of guy, including those small freebie nylon drawstring backpacks (DS really likes those), or a workout bag sort of guy.

    My workout bags are the ones that DW has determined are too worn for her to use, but which I’ve determined still have plenty of use left. Conveniently, my bags usually start to literally fall apart right about when DW starts using a new bag.

  48. My son has this huuuge LL Bean backpack to take all his books. And since he’s taken to walking instead of riding the bus more often than not (just as fast, he can pocket the bus fare) it’s like he’s doing that training you see the ROTC guys doing of fast-walking around town with a weighted backpack, except that I suspect the ROTC guys have a better understanding of the importance of showering afterward.

  49. “Just think if those library tote bags are used at a farmer’s market!”

    At the local farmers’ markets I’ve been to, the normal expectation seems to be that customers will bring their own bags.

  50. “A friend who is a microbiologist refuses to use reusable grocery bags saying they are chock full of germs.”

    Even if regularly thrown in the laundry?

  51. ““A friend who is a microbiologist refuses to use reusable grocery bags saying they are chock full of germs.”

    Even if regularly thrown in the laundry?”

    I suppose this is for us common folk who don’t wash our reusable grocery bags unless they need it. If you put your fruit, veggies, and meat in the plastic bags supplied by the store, then the reusable bag shouldn’t get too gross. In theory.

  52. I had a Jansport backpack through high school. Then I had an LLBean backpack for grad school until I needed a nicer computer-toting bag. Then my BIL got me a really nice leather bag for Christmas one year. I used it until I got this job – my work laptop is too big for the bag :(

  53. Our town has the bag ban. This year the bag purchasing penalty is up to $0.25, which I just hate paying. So they succeeded at modifying my behavior because I am now better at carting them to/from the car. The ridiculous thing is that we used to use all those plastic bags for diapers, the litter box, and taking the wrapping from raw chicken/meat to the outside trash bins. So now we buy a Costco sized box of the little office trash can sized bags and use those. Kind of defeats the purpose. I liked the sturdy paper bags too, which got re-used for hundreds of kid things, donations, etc., but that I apparently don’t feel are worth a quarter.

  54. “…there was a phase where I was carrying a kiddy totebag :-).

    Tee, hee. I carried nothing. I used to change Junior in the trunk.

  55. We still get a nickel off (not legally mandated, just store policy in most grocery stores) for bringing a reusable bag. I use the small plastic bags in the same fashion as you do, and to wrap shoes in the suitcase, etc., but I can’t use up very many. Does the ban extend to all stores – most of my plastic bags come from the drug store.

  56. Our ban is everywhere. I got used to bringing tote bags into the grocery store, but I constantly forget at Target or drug stores or whatnot. Some of the higher end clothing shops and department stores still do free bags (I think to get around the ban it’s a discount of some sort) but many other places you have to remember to bring a bag clothes shopping too. It’s annoying.

  57. I went to a mini reunion with my college friends last month, and they all live in cities or towns with plastic bag bans/fees. They live in/near Austin, Boulder, San Mateo and San Fran. I was the only person that seemed surprised that I had to pay for a paper bag, and that plastic bags were not available. I wonder if NY will eventually ban the plastic too.

  58. All totebags I get I give to DD and DS to schlepp stuff in. They disappear pretty quickly.

    I have maybe 4 reusable grocery bags from TJ’s and Wegman’s, which live in the back of my car. Unfortunately, I usually forget to bring them into the store, so they don’t get much use.

    We also use the plastic bags for cat little, taking lunches to work, etc. So I don’t feel super-awful.

    “Any other suggestions for sturdy older kid back packs ?” — I have had horrendous luck with backpacks; the kids pile all their books in them and toss them everywhere, and they just seem to disintegrate before the end of the school year. I checked out the standard Totebag-approved online vendors but had no idea how to choose between the sizes and options, and DD hated all the colors, so I didn’t decide until the school year was starting and it was too late, so we grabbed another cheap one from Generic SuperBoxStore.

    So my one helpful comment on the backpack front: check the Coach men’s store. Seriously. My stepdad carried a backpack to and from work every day, and he had just bought himself a new one from there when he died — standard woven/nylon-type fabric, but heavy duty. DS was *thrilled* to scoop it up and has used it every day for 1.5 years now, and that thing is freaking indestructible (DD has gone through three cheap backpacks in that timeframe). Coincidentally, I had also bought a leather satchel-type briefcase from the same store several years before, and that thing is gorgeous, awesome, and totally indestructible. I never would have thought of them for backpack-type stuff, because they just seem more froofy to me, but, damn, I’ve been impressed.

  59. Happy Mother’s Day! June, I’ll be thinking of you. Please keep us updated.

  60. Currently our different cities have different rules, but they are all trending toward a bag ban. After DS read about the incidence of E Coli in reusable grocery bags in SF http://www.upenn.edu/gazette/0313/gaz04.html we switched to canvas bags that we put through the laundry after one or two uses.

    Now when I travel, I try to pick up a canvas totebag from the places that I visit – it is a reminder of places that I enjoy that also gets frequent use. On Oahu, I bought a totebag at a Farmer’s Market!

  61. “Now when I travel, I try to pick up a canvas totebag from the places that I visit”

    I’ve started informally collecting and wearing baseball caps with boring corporate logos, only semi-ironically. I was eating lunch outside a bbq restaurant and got talking to the older couple at the next picnic table. After a minute, the wife asked me “how do you stay thin working for Dunkin’ Donuts?”

  62. Thanks all for the back pack suggestions. One kid had Garnet Hill small kid backpack with attached lunchbox. It has lasted quite long but the owner has grown older and a new back pack is called for. The other kid is using a free backpack which is without pockets and again has outgrown that one. Both of the old back packs can still be used.

  63. “The ridiculous thing is that we used to use all those plastic bags for diapers, the litter box, and taking the wrapping from raw chicken/meat to the outside trash bins. So now we buy a Costco sized box of the little office trash can sized bags and use those. Kind of defeats the purpose.”

    I don’t think the ban was aimed at people, like you, who reused the bags and properly disposed of them. If everyone was like you, there would be no reason for bans.

  64. Milo– I used to play in a corporate softball league. Most of the teams were named after the division/department from which most of their players came, so the team names were mostly TLAs ending with D. Our team had players from several divisions/departments, so we decided to name our team, “BFD.”

    One of the guys on the team used his cap an a trip, and was approached many times by firefighters wondering what the B stood for.

  65. Saac is OK- I e-mailed her after a couple days of absence. She was frustrated by a few things on the blog.

  66. Happy Mother’s Day to old, young and soon to be mothers.
    PTM – sending you a case of virtual Coors Light on this special day.

  67. I second Louise’s good wishes to all moms and step moms (and PTM as well). Have a wonderful day!

  68. Ditto Louise. DH is out of town this weekend, so we are delaying Mother’s Day celebrations until next weekend.

  69. Interesting to see how the absence has changed the tenor of these conversations.

  70. Thanks Louise and SSK. I had a wonderful day and had more than a virtual Coors Light.

    I confess to being somewhat schitzo about the mother role I play sometimes and the dad role I play most times. I honestly believe that my dad side will make Junior a man. I think my mother side will make him a good man.

    So my hat is off to all of you mothers today. You are remarkable and worthy of all the respect that can be given you.

  71. THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR SENDING IN POSTS! I’ll be getting back to you to let you know when they’ll run, and keep ’em coming!

    Was I the only one who saw MTB and thought MBT for the previous comment?

  72. CoC – nope… Until you mentioned it, I thought it was MBT… Thanks for pointing that out.

    I hope June had a Mother’s Day Baby!! And I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

  73. “Saac is OK- I e-mailed her after a couple days of absence. She was frustrated by a few things on the blog.”

    Well, I personally miss ‘Saac. I thought she added a mixture of perspective and occasionally called us out when we should have been– other times, less so.

    On the other hand, I don’t think she should have gotten pissed when she chastised the lawyers on here for not giving her an answer about her kid jumping on the neighbors’ ceiling. When we did, she picked up the marbles and left.

    Still, I miss her. I bet Milo does, too.

  74. I don’t like people leaving and wish they didn’t. Posters on here are very balanced in their advice and sometimes it may not be to one’s liking but no malice is intended. After a particularly heated discussion it might be good to take a break from the blog but don’t leave.

  75. Louise, in all seriousness and with respect, if you ask for lawyers’ advice and they tell you to stop your kid from jumping on the neighbors’ ceiling, what’s not to like about that? After all it was a lease and tenants have rights and obligations with respect to each other.

  76. SWVA – wow! I can’t even begin! It seems like no one knew what was going on. I feel very bad for the couple, all they wanted was a home!

  77. I’ve chatted w/ Saac too, and have let her know that I respectfully disagree with her on The Jumping Issue, and that I hope she’ll come back, and am sure others in this group feel the same way.

    Is there a decent way to get a fake tan, btw? I don’t want to be out in the sun uncovered anymore, what with all of my old-age wisdom and maturity about the sun. But I haven’t quite come around to the “pale skin is beautiful” mindset. So, I tried that Neutrogena Build-A-Tan or whatever it’s called. I have the lotion and the spray and have so far used the lotion a few times. You can totally see the smear marks from where it didn’t rub in completely (no matter how much time I take to rub it in well, there are always smear marks), or was licked off partially by a dog (no matter how much I try to avoid this, they will get to it). Compared to my pale skin, this stuff is shades of orange. Not *exactly* what I’m going for.

  78. Risley – I haven’t heard great things about any of the fake tan products – I think the Jergens one is supposed to be the original and best, but I’ve never tried any so all secondhand. :)

  79. @Risley: So what’s wrong with putting on sunscreen *and* going out in the sun? I know we all have to be concerned about skin cancer, but at the same time, aren’t there significant issues with vitamin D deficits? I’m not exactly poster child for tanning, as my natural complexion veers toward the vampirish, but just a little bit of sun, with sunscreen, can take away that awful winter “pasty” look.

  80. Risley, my experience suggests that even indirect sunlight can trigger some amount of tanning. Perhaps a bit of sun in the early morning or late afternoon, or perhaps some midday time under a poolside umbrella might be enough to remove the translucence (i.e., when the skin is so white you can see the color of the blood in the veins below).

  81. The Totebag is less stressful now because the tension is reduced without S. She dominates the conversation and she is nasty to some regular posters. She is smart, but she creates tension for some posters.

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