Peeps Must Die

by saacnmama

We’re having a party! This Saturday, ‘saac is inviting his nerdiest friends over to destroy Peeps, a la or the website peeped search dot com. The “science” will be entirely tongue in cheek, but the humor and creativity should be full-on.

I haven’t figured out yet if it will be indoors or out. If they’re indoors, they would be in the kitchen, where they could heat the suckers up on the stove (or in the oven), nuke ’em, and pour various things over them in the sink. Outside, we’d probably go to the shelter next to the pool. We’d take a bucket or two of water, and they could use the charcoal grill. When they’re done grilling, I could make Providence’s pizza while they jump in the pool. I’m not knocking myself out for this one, but am very open to your suggestions on how to make it easy and fun.


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  1. I think I will steal this idea for next year’s March Bday party. This sounds like so much fun. I used to do this with students on the last day before spring break , making them write up their results o a work sheet( thus being able to call it educational) but I had forgotten about how much fun kids could have with it!

  2. We are leaning towards the kitchen version of the party, simply because we’d have more control. I set the party for 5:00, forgetting that most people don’t eat as late as we do. So now I ought to provide dinner, or at least some serious munchies beyond the bowls of Easter eggs and candy I was planning to set out (btw, separated bowls for malted milkball’s and jelly beans or mixed?) What kind of food goes with Peeps?

  3. I like the idea. I’ll use a version of it for a neighborhood last day of school informal party (whichever neighbor kids want to participate can). We have a wide age range too – so I need to think of that.
    SM – the standard is pizza, cake and a drink. I have noticed avoidance of the 12 pm to 2 pm lunch time slot. I guess people feel there should be more than the standard if ithe party is during lunch.

  4. This is a great idea. I think a lot of kids would like to do something like this because it’s fun.

    My daughter really liked a giant stuffed Peep when we were in Dylan’s Candy Bar during the vacation. I want to try to buy one half priced this week.

    It’s so cold and dreary in NY today so a table full of bright peeps sounds great.

  5. Great idea – I may steal this for my son’s birthday party. You’ll have to give us an update next week on how it went. And yes, I would provide dinner (pizza).

  6. “What kind of food goes with Peeps?”

    Pizza. But I see I have been beaten to it. Or if you really feel like making an effort, throw some hot dogs on the grill. :-)

    Speaking of bad-for-you foods, I think DS had the best day ever for a 9-yr-old boy last week. We went to the Choco Bar (Cafe Cortes?) in old San Juan, PR, for breakfast, where he had chocolate waffles with chocolate syrup and a hot chocolate with whipped cream. He and I then spent hours traipsing between the two old forts in town, exploring tunnels and moats and battlements and you name it. Then we returned to the Choco Bar, where he had a “pizza” (sweet bread base, topped with homemade nutella, chocolate chips, and marshmallows) for lunch, accompanied by THE best chocolate shake I have ever tasted. I am a very bad mom — but very popular. :-)

    And in the personal accomplishment department, I tried surfing and actually managed to stand up several times. Ok, it was maybe 5 seconds, and it sure wasn’t pretty. But since my expectation was to not make it past the knees, I’m counting it as a huge win.

    And on what I’m sure is a completely unrelated note, my back/neck/shoulders hurt like a SOB. . . .

  7. I want to try surfing sometime. I’ve been to those San Juan forts–on a Segway tour.

  8. I need to figure out a drink for adults that goes well with sugar, so that I can perch a peep on their glasses, instead of a lemon wedge.

    For “dessert” (as if the kids won’t be eating their research subjects), I might make a pot of chocolate fondue for them to dip the little guys into. (Rhett, wouldn’t that be a lovely way to die?)

  9. Laura, isn’t surfing fantastic? I’ve gone exactly one time, loved the feeling of standing up (paddling out there, not so much). I think you’ve ruined the rest of your son’s spring break–that is a very tough act to follow!

  10. They manufacture slightly smaller ones in bright pink and teal.

    I can’t believe how much peep merchandise they created. Thanks for link.

  11. “on a Segway tour.”

    @Milo — as we were leaving the big one on the W side, in about our 4th hour of walking, heading down to our cool chocolate refreshment, a Segway tour came by us heading up toward the fort. I don’t know when I have seen such naked longing on my son’s face. :-)

  12. Is Rhett still around, or have I chased him off? I want some kind of “enjoying the cheesy fun” award! Guess I’ll just have to make one out of a peep.

  13. You guys are great! I’m about peeped out, so those are great saves.

    I think I’ll mix up a punch bowl of this, with twice as many peeps as kids in attendance.–mocktini

    Do middle school kids want souvenirs? I could give each kid one of those bags, and pencils and little notebooks “to keep track of experiments”. Or did I just fall off the cheesy bandwagon with that idea?

  14. “Speaking of bad-for-you foods”

    What does that have to do with pizza and hot dogs?

  15. We are absolutely in love with the grapefruit beer that comes out this time of year. It makes everything feel more summery. We buy schofferhoffer (because it is so much fun to say!) and it is usually a big grown up hit at parties — at 2% alcohol, we could almost serve it to kids. I think most adults avoid hard alcohol at these kinds of things if they have to drive their kids home (and supervise them in the evening). There is also a more microbrew style — Ruby Red, that is lovely as well.

  16. So, Walter Scott…. It seems he was pulled over for a broken brake light, this despite the law in SC only requiring one working brake light. Interesting, very interesting.

  17. An interesting article that has been in my facebook feed:

    Basically, a locked, supervised village for Alzheimer’s patients in the Netherlands. They can go shopping, live in a home, go to the theater, etc. (There is a weird theatrical vibe as some patient live in middle class houses and have “neighbors” that help, others are upperclass and have “servants”, and others are Indonesian – whatever that means). Of course it has 1.5 staff/patient and costs $7,500/month.

    If I had an extra $20 million lying around, I would love to construct something like this in a lower regulatory environment (i.e. Mexico). With low staff costs, you could make this a beautiful and viable option for a lot of people.

  18. ‘saac – not sure if you’ll have any fashion-minded kids… but I did see a dress constructed entirely of peeps….

    I love the diorama ideas… we construct them every now and again to photograph for relatives. My SIL and Aunt-in-law have a long standing contest of “Peeps on Parade”… the peeps do what we would normally do. The best was “peeps go potty”… my aunt put plastic wrap over the toilet bowl and sat a peep in the middle.

    I’m also partial to a lemon peeptini, but that’s not good for middle schoolers…

  19. This discussion of a kill the peeps party for a tween boy is making me a little verklempt, as Linda Richman (Mike Myers) used to say. There is nothing quite so sweet as that transition point between the summer when they were playing ninja on makeshift forts and the next summer when they are starting to take extra long showers.

  20. Lemon Peeptini
    6 oz lemon-flavored vodka
    2 oz triple sec
    4 tbs freshly squeezed lemon juice
    2 tbs simple syrup or to taste
    2 cups ice

    fill a martini shaker with ice (can fill a large glass as well); add ingredients, shake/stir and serve in chilled martini glasses… garnish with a peep on a skewer. You can also sugar or salt the rim of the glass… you can use yellow food coloring to color the salt or sugar

  21. Meme, thanks for your comment. It is hard to come up with a party theme for this guy, who I think has been teetering on that cusp for a very long time, but I hope this will hit the right balance between silly and whatever it is older kids want to be.

  22. Rhode, that drink sounds great. I wish I had some fresh lemons and triple sec because I could use one of these today. This cold weather is getting to me, and so are the mean girls in MS.

  23. Lauren, if it helps any – each year after MS starts seems to get a little bit better, with a lot of that nonsense having worked itself out by the end of high school. While they’re in it, though, MS sucks.

  24. Sounds fun! No ideas, but be sure to bring plenty of water and/or other hydrating beverages with you if you have it at the park. All that sugar plus the heat could make for some very thirsty guests. Nothing worse than a party with lots of food but not enough to drink.

    (I attended a summer reception wedding once where the drinking glasses were not much bigger than shot glasses and they were slow to refill them.)

  25. “Nothing worse than a party with lots of food but not enough to drink. ”


  26. MBT, my DD likes MS. She has a solid group of friends, has adjusted to the work and she seems happy there – so far. Some of her friends are mean to me!!!! I actually experienced bullying from four girls that I drive about once a month. One is the queen bee of the grade, and its a small town so she has been the queen bee practically since first grade. Her power has grown since she entered MS. I’ve been putting up with some of it, but I finally told the other women that I am out of the carpool. This is the one time when having one kid comes in handy because they need me 1000 times more than I need them to drive in this carpool. They checked their kids texts, snapchats etc. The apologies came quickly because the proof was shocking, but I was disgusted.

  27. That’s awful Lauren. Sorry that happened to you. Awesome that these girls got called out on their behavior though. The cruelty of teenagers can be shocking. And the nerve to bully a parent!

  28. Ada, I found that assisted living village kind of creepy, but interesting.

    Given the cost of assisted living here, most people I know try to keep their mildly demented elders at home as long as possible. The patients in that village seem to be in the early stages of disease, not the bedridden.

    Maybe “what you plan/expect/will have to do for your older relatives” could be a topic for another day. I’d like a granny pod but our zoning is too strict.

    Lauren, did you end up having to keep driving the girls after they apologized? I would have been torn between the reality of a small town where you can’t really get away from them, and my overwhelming urge to put the brats out on the nearest sidewalk and wait until their parents arrived to get them.

  29. Lauren, that’s . . . really weird. She was feeling so confident in her powers that she decided to extend her reign to other kids’ parents? Or what? It’s like a pigeon deciding to pick a fight with a duck — just doesn’t compute. Does she try to do this to teachers, I wonder?

  30. Good question, HM. I don’t understand a kid bullying a parent. That is just to strange for me to get my mind around.

  31. Lauren, I know you didn’t drop out of the carpool out of any love for the girl, but making it clear to her and her parents that her behavior is unacceptable, literally, that you will not accept it, is likely the best thing anyone’s done to teach her anything in a long time.

    Sky, what’s a granny pod? Can you send in a post on that topic?

  32. Thanks SM.
    Lauren – what did they do ? It seems that they said nasty things about you online.

  33. Lauren – I am so sorry that you had to endure that! I would definitely drop out of the carpool if you possibly can. Will your dd suffer the consequences if you do, or if you take a step like stopping the car and saying something to the girls who are being rude right then?

  34. Lauren, while it was unpleasant for you, it might well work out to everyone else’s benefit, if you calling her on it forced her parents to hold her accountable.

  35. “Maybe “what you plan/expect/will have to do for your older relatives” could be a topic for another day.”

    Or, what you’ve done, or had to do.

  36. Yes, Finn, any experience and advice will be solicited :)

    DH and I both come from families where the Boomers outnumber our generation.

    So in addition to our parents, I’m guessing we will have significant day-to-day responsibility for 3 or 4 aunts and uncles.

    If we had the money I would seriously consider buying a multi family home for them, and rent it out until we need it. But I think it could be acrimonious. Might make a good reality show, though….

    Granny pods are temporary cottages designed for the elderly that have all sorts of safety features. Since it is a temporary structure, you can (in theory) lease it while your elderly relative needs it, and then have it hauled away.

  37. On this particular day, my daughter was in the back row of the car, but three others were in the middle row right behind me.

    I don’t want to state exactly what they said because some of it is really nasty. The texting and snap chat started when I asked one if them to watch their language.

    Some of the worst behavior happened when I was driving on a parkway so I can’t even pull over.

    I know that 3 of the 4 parents really understood and there were consequences. They’re my nearby neighbors and it would be difficult to stop carpooling with them because it happens all of the time. The really mean kid lives across town and that mom didn’t even call me. All of the apologies were done via text.
    I’m not going to keep driving her daughter. It’s out of the way, and the apologies were not genuine. They just need the rides.

  38. Lauren, even if she and her parents don’t figure anything out from it, maybe the people you care about have.

    Sky, I’ll look forward to your post and hearing what others think of the pods. To me they sound lonely.

  39. Saac, the pods are like small temporary quarters you put in your backyard, so the parent gets to maintain some level of independence, but they’re 12 feet out your back door. Presumably you could spend as much time together as you want, but you don’t have to permanently build on an additional bedroom/bathroom for them. As Sky mentioned, they have all of the appropriate safety features like low threshold showers, safety bars, door handles easy to open with arthritic hands, etc.

  40. I’m sure you could have visitors, just like you could anywhere, and bringing in a structure designed for the elderly in the first place probably is more cost-effective than retrofitting a house. Do people use them long enough to decorate them with their own things, and in ways that bring back memories and connections to people and places that mean the most to them? That’s what I meant by lonely–unconnected to them personally. But maybe we should save this exchange for when Sky’s post comes up.

  41. Lauren, I’m sure we’ll all be looking forward to the update when the girl’s mom finally realizes that her daughter is out of the carpool (at least when you’re driving).

  42. Lauren, so sorry about this – what a horrible experience to have had. Glad you cut her out of your carpool. I’ve never had anything like that experience. One of the kids in one carpool I drove years ago *never* say hi, bye or thanked me for the ride, even after hearing the other 4 kids do it every single time. That small thing drove me bananas, so I can imagine how enraged I’d have been if I’d had to deal with something like what you dealt with.

  43. @ Lauren – I hope the kids apologize to you in person and the parents say *something* when they see you next. A face to face is not easy, when we all communicate and fulfill our social obligations via text and email, I have struggled with this myself.
    We have talked about how to let kids speak up for themselves when they need something. This is another type of teaching moment and a very important one.

  44. Milo, SWVA Mom and others who live in the great Commonwealth of Virginia, are your towns doing anything special today to mark the 150th anniversary of Appomtatox? All the churches here are ringing their bells at 3:15, supposedly the time when the surrender took place.

  45. Sheep – no. I did not realize the date. Last weekend I saw something about a historical society preparing to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Lincoln’s assassination.

    Unrelated, here’s your cool time lapse video of the day–nine hours of submarine dry docking compressed into one minute.

    The dry dock is essentially a boat of its own. It goes up and down by taking on or pumping off water. The fascinating (to me) takeaway here is that, if you’re patient enough, you could lift a 9,000-ton ship completely out of the water with the tiny pump from your kid’s fish tank.

  46. Risley…she NEVER says goodbye or thank you. For a long time, she left her food garbage behind in the car too. She does this to other parents too. She actually flung open the rear door of a moving car and jumped out when my friend reached the parking lot of a field for soccer practice. That particular friend is a former DA, and she is very tough. She let this kid have it, and now she is terrified of my friend. The problem is that the kid always take it out on the friends of the parents that try to discipline her or tell her parents the truth.

    The reason that I put up with this for so long is that these towns are so small. I have to live here, and get along with this small crew for 13 years. I was so unprepared for the politics of living in a small town. I didn’t even realize I was in such a small community until elementary school when all of the same kids appeared over, and over in sports, classes, etc. My husband grew up in a large public school system too. We both had the type of experience where there were hundreds of kids in every grade, and there was always a place for every type of kid. We never considered the impact of living in a town with a micro district where the kids would be together for 13 years with very few kids ever moving in/out.

    The experience is my town has been straight out of a movie. There are all of the classic roles for the kids and the parents. It plays out in school, sports and social situations. I just didn’t know that these movies were so real because I grew up in a huge city. There was always a new person to meet, and I was fairly anonymous.

  47. Milo, my kid alternates between rolling his eyes at me for thinking dry docks are cool to being really scared when I pull off the road to drive around on the mud to take photos of various stages of ship repair and dry docking. But what do you mean that a dry dock is a ship?

  48. Louise…I read it, and you’re right. I used to read these books and watch these movies as entertainment. I didn’t believe it was real, but now I understand that the writers must be basing some of these moments on real life. It is just the complete opposite of my childhood that didn’t include a carpool because we just hopped on city buses and subways with our friends.

  49. Saac – just that it floats. It’s not a dock that’s built on pilings.

    Fluid Dynamics was my favorite in-major course.

  50. Lauren – that is crazy. I hope the other parents will ban the kid from their day at carpool too!!!

  51. Sheep Farmer,
    I haven’t heard of anything special happening around here today, but there is a guide in the Roanoke Times about what to expect at Appomattox. I was in Richmond with my family last weekend when they were commemorating the burning of the city. We talked about taking DD downtown for some historical education, but it was more fun just to stay home and play with my baby niece. I do want to plan a vacation with her when we actually do take advantage of all the historical stuff across the state. Maybe before or after they study VA history – 4th grade, I think.

  52. Lauren, that is just crazy. I guess it’s no surprise that the worst offender’s parents are the only ones who haven’t apologized–probably explains a lot about her behavior. But that is ridiculous!

  53. Lauren, dumb technical question — I thought the point of snapchat was that you can’t track it. But wow, that’s crazy! My high school had some crazy-mean girls, but I can’t imagine them picking on a mom!

  54. Saac, I am deeply offended by the title to this post. “Peeps Must Die”?!! Are you nuts? Deranged?

    Peeps have a right to exist just like we all do. They have enough problems, being all their assorted colors and thus and such (although, the pink ones look weirdly similar to me).

    You don’t like my name. I don’t like your title. Are we even now?

  55. Lauren, I’m flabbergasted. Unbelievable. Sorry you have to deal with this. Please keep us posted. Rocky, if you’re quick, you can take a screen shot before the snapchat image goes away.

  56. Some stuff on snapchat lasts for a very short time. I contacted them the moment I got home so all if the texts and snapchat photos were still on the phones.

  57. Lauren, I hope that queen bee doesn’t make life difficult for your DD because of what you did.

    Apparently part of the problem is her parents. Perhaps if she’s done that to all the other carpool drivers, you should all drop her from the carpool. That isolation might reduce her ability to make life difficult for any of the other girls in the carpool.

    I suppose we’ll all be waiting to hear how this plays out.

  58. My friend, you and Rhett, you finds this very distasteful, need to lighten up and enjoy the cheesy fun.

  59. S&M telling other people they need to lighten up. I’d say that’s the pot and kettle thing, but apparently that’s considered racist now.

  60. Anon, Saac is perfectly entitled to tell me to lighten up any time. I’m sure Rhett agrees.

  61. Anon, nice for you that you picked up on one of the jokes. Did you notice the one about Rhett and cheesy fun too? I missed the chance for it at the top of this post, but our friend opened up another chance for it.

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