April Fool’s Ideas?

by Tulip

Just throwing this one out there, but I never do anything to “celebrate” April Fool’s Day. I suppose there’s been some conversation at school because my DD came home a few days ago asking if I’d do something to fool her for the day. I think the fact that she asks for it and expects it sort of defeats the idea, but that’s an entirely different issue! At any rate, I could google and search pinterest and be in way over my head, but I am guessing that other totebaggers have some low-investment ideas for April Fool’s pranks to pull on the kids?


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  1. I am no help since I hate pranks and surprises! My only suggestion would be to wake her up at 2 am and tell her it’s morning, but that doesn’t sound fun for anyone! :)

  2. Get her up for school on Wednesday and then say, “April Fools! No school today.” And they do a mother daughter bonding day – lunch, museum, shopping, spa, etc.

  3. Only time I ever remember “celebrating” April 1 was in 8th grade French class when we had to make paper fish and tape them to everyone’s back.

  4. I’m so glad you proposed this topic. During recent conversation re St. Patrick’s day I was struck by the playfulness and inventiveness of some people here. In my home, we are playful people, but I grew up in a family that didn’t value or practice those things at all, so I don’t always think of things like good April Fools tricks that need preparation. I’m looking forward to good ideas from other Totebaggers.

  5. I am not a playful person. That said, I’d love it if my kids played an April Fool’s joke on me. DS2 put a small rubber rat in my purse for Halloween as a joke. I am still carrying it around. In 5 years, I’m willing to bet money that it will still be in my purse.

  6. There was a facebook post a few days ago. Some of them I recall:

    1. Put a drop of food coloring under your child’s dry cereal. When they pour on the milk, it will turn the milk the color of food coloring.
    2. Put cereal with milk in the freezer the night before, then put frozen bowl on the table and watch them try scoop out the cereal.
    3. Any sqeeze bottle used – like syrup or ketchep – take of the screw top lid, cover with plastic wrap, and put the lid back on.

  7. I’ve done the cereal with milk in the freezer and also putting food coloring in the milk. One year, I told the kids they were going to “chore camp.” You can google “chore camp brochure” to get a brochure you can print out and give to your kids.

    One year when DD was 6 or 7, we played an April Fools trick on her dad which she loved. We changed the autocorrect in Word on his computer. I can’t remember exactly what we did but it was something like changing the word “the” to “I am a goofball.” That evening, DD told DH she needed help typing something up for school. When he typed “the,” Word autocorrected it to “I am a goofball.” DD was beside herself in laughter.

    I could definitely use some new ideas (that take little effort) this year.

  8. Last year DS’s teacher told the kids at recess if they could line up very quickly and quietly and get back to their rooms with good behavior, there would be brownies on their desks back on their desks. There were brown construction paper cut out “E”s on each desk. (After everyone got the joke, the teacher brought out the real thing.) The kids LOVED this, we heard about it for days after.

  9. Rhett, that is an awesome idea. Except that next week is spring break for our kids, but it could work with a variation like saying Wednesday we’re cleaning out the garage or similar.

  10. Hum, I think I have April Fools PTSD. When I was in half day Kindergarten, the teacher announced (as an April Fools prank) that we were going to be staying all day. Now, apparently my fellow 5 year olds didn’t like any sudden changes to their schedule and as a result began to cry and become generally unglued. My poor teacher had to walk us to the bus with half of us on the verge of hysterics as the other teachers looked on wondering what the hell she had just done.

  11. I am actually a fan of the corporate April fools jokes. A couple years back, Taco Bell announced they were buying the Liberty Bell. There was such out rage on the inter-webs with people implying that somehow they were a Mexican corporation and had no right to own our US landmark. Google has done some funny pranks in prior years as well

  12. Houston – I read occasionally at night but the new names confuse me…rare lull in the workday today…

  13. I’m not a fan of pranks in general because i have a very low threshold for anything embarrassing. But I do like some of the corporate ones.

  14. I recall one year when I was a kid that the radio station I listened to every morning completely changed its format for the whole day. It was like a totally different radio station from somewhere else – maybe they even switched with another station for the day.

    We had some family friends who used to play elaborate tricks on each other. The best one I remember is when the dad faked a speeding ticket sent by mail with a photo of the teen daughter’s license plate & car. Then there are the old stand-bys of unscrewing the tops of the S&P shakers, putting sugar in the salt shaker, mixing Kool-Aid without the sugar, etc.

    I have a newly-minted 8-yr-old, so I’m sure our house will be full of 2nd-grade humor. I am creative in many ways, but not when it comes to playing tricks on people. I’m actually quite gullible and will fall for most of them.

  15. One year on April Fools, the Seattle Times had a front page headline that read “Mysterious Yellow Orb sited in the Sky”

  16. DH for the past two years has pranked the kids by looking at his phone and saying that the school has sent an email saying that spring break is cancelled to make up for snow days. They don’t quite know whether to believe him or not.

  17. It is school vacation here next week, and I might use some of these breakfast ideas on April 1 since there will be no rush to get to school.

    I have a hijack car question. I am still driving my Subaru because the Audi that I was just days from buying received a Poor rating from the highway safety institute, and Audi couldn’t really come up with a response to my questions. I did nothing for a while because I really just wanted the Audi. I spent the last week looking at lots of AWD sedans in the entry luxury category. Infiniti q50, Acura TLX, and Lexus. I didn’t like any of these so I finally test drove the 2015 Subaru Legacy even though I never want to give Subaru my money again. The new Legacy has great ratings from a lot of places, and I really did like the car. It is much nicer than my old Legacy, but I decided to test drive the BMW 328 before buying another Subaru. I really loved it, and it was the only car that made me as happy to drive as the Audi.

    The only problem is that I own my old Subaru. It is a 2008 with 53,000 miles and Subaru offered $9500 for the trade in. BMW won’t budge from the “book value”of $6700. I assume it is because BMW will just have to dump it into an auction, and Subaru might try to sell it in their used car section.

    My question is…I really know that I want the BMW. I don’t want to deal with a private sale, but have you guys sold cars on your own? I know I can’t stomach a $3000 difference on the trade in.

  18. I sold a 2001 Accord in 2008. KBB values were between 8.5k and 12k. I started off asking for the highest price, didn’t even get any bites, slowly dropped it down. I eventually left it with friends when I left the country, and they had someone come buy it for $8,000. But Amarillo is probably a very different market from where you are!

  19. Lauren – have you tried CarMax? We’ve sold 3 cars there, and their prices were very fair.

    I remember one April Fool’s day growing up when the AJC headline was Deion Sanders would be playing for the Hawks (NBA) (he was already playing for Falcons NFL & Braves MLB). They had articles, sports page coverage, everything. I think all of Atlanta fell for it. It was awesome.

  20. Lauren, we sold a vehicle once and it’s very hard here, due to a limited market. I hope other people will weigh in, because I want to know how to do it correctly in terms of understanding payment terms, insurance and title issues, etc. We bought our first camper for $800 from Mr WCE’s uncle in rural Montana, because Mr WCE’s was willing to drive it back for us. (Mr WCE’s uncle wanted it gone and was happy to let us enjoy it for ~40% of its real worth)

  21. Carmax looks great, but I just searched and the closest one is 60 miles away. I have to check to see if their is a local version of Carmax around here because that would be an easier solution than selling on my own.

  22. I love the frozen cereal idea! DS has been wanting me to pour his cereal for him recently, and it really annoys me for some reason. There are a couple other good ones on CoC’s list as well. There’s one on it he used to do to sneak more screen time–take a screen shot of my phone’s homescreen, so I wouldn’t realize he didn’t need the password to get back into it. But he’s been busted now.

  23. Lauren –
    My recent (October) experience with CarMax. They offered us $4k for the car we were getting rid of and a week to decide. It’s all done in writing, very easy to deal with. I also took the car to a local place that does business the same way as CarMax and got the same $4k offer. I did get an online offer of $5k about an hour away but I decided I’d get nickeled and dimed for this or that and it wouldn’t be worth my while by the time it was over. We sold it to CarMax and I would do so again.
    If the Subaru dealer is offering $9500 as a trade and BMW won’t go above $6700…what’s your decision point? I’d just take it to the Subaru place and see how much they’ll give you for it outright. It could well be more than what BMW has offered.
    You could check out cash4carz.com They will come to you and give you an offer.

    You’ve decided you do not want to buy another Subaru, so separate the transactions.

  24. Lauren – You should be able to sell the car to the Subaru dealer regardless of whether you purchase a new car from them. If they don’t offer you the same price, then that just means they were planning to overcharge you on the new car in some way.

  25. Several years ago my some one in my wife’s cube farm left a small device hidden under their desk that made a barely audible whisper at random intervals and went on vacation. The whole department spent a good chunk of time looking for it. This is better for someone in a senior position.

  26. I had no idea that I could separate the car transactions. I will look into this because it is an easy solution if Subaru will honor the price they gave me even if I am not buying a new car.

  27. Lauren, please refresh my memory– why don’t you want to give Subaru your money (although apparently you will gladly take theirs)?

  28. We’ve always sold our used cars ourselves. In a couple cases, there were friends of friends who needed cars, so those were easy, although I know many people would prefer to not know the people who buy their cars. \

    We also sold one through what was then the equivalent of Craigslist.

  29. Lauren – it seems to me it will be an easy decision as long as the Subaru dealer offers you more than what the BMW dealer will offer you.

    Remember, to compare apples to apples financially, if you trade in the car the selling price is reduced by the amount of the trade, so you save the associated sales tax ($536 if traded to BMW, $760 if traded to Subaru).

    BTW, you should be able to get:
    – at **least $5k** (probably more like $5.5k) off list for a 328ix based on TrueCar at JMK BMW is Springfield, NJ.
    – $4750 off list at World Wide BMW in Spring Valley
    – $4100 off at BMW Mt Kisco

    RIGHT NOW (late March) is a great time to buy a car…dealers are trying to make their quarterly bonus numbers.

    Email me if you want to chat more.

  30. Rhett, that is fun! I’m trying to think of what sounds it should make. Fart noises are pretty obvious. I can’t think of any good phrases for it.

  31. I like some of these ideas. (I am now wondering if I can fit 3 bowls of cereal w/ milk easily into my freezer?) The toilet paper roll would make my kids die of hysterics. The good kind, not Rhett’s PTSD kind. I love the pricing of $9.99 for one, and $59.80 for two. Ah, amazon. Maybe food coloring in the cereal would be quick/easy.

    I wish I could do the day out thing. Unfortunately I’ve been home 3 days this week with a sick kid, next week one kid has Spring Break and I’ll be on reduced hours to accommodate camp, and the following week two more kids have break and I’ll be off. This responsible grownup stuff gets in the way of the the things I want to do sometimes.

  32. Hm. Halved peach in yogurt would fly with my kids, I think. They’d also be relieved at the results, unlike the baked mashed potatoes with black beans. My lollipop lovers would get a kick out of the broccoli thing, too. Jello as juice would amuse them too. Little kids are at least really easy to please in some ways! I never do this stuff, but since the kidlet asked, I figure it’d be pretty easy to make her day, you know?

  33. Tulip, check out CoC’s list. Instead of putting all the cereal bowls in the fridge, you could put a couple drops of food coloring in someone’s bowl before the cereal. The third kid could find TP in the toes of their shoes, and your hubby could get a “fried egg”‘made of white yogurt & half a canned peach. Those could all be really quick & get the day off to a funny start. I might try a couple of them–all on the same victim.

  34. Finn, My first car was a Subaru and I just kept trading in my Subaru sedans and buying the same model. We had a decision point with this car as to whether to trade in, or invest in some new brakes and tires to keep for a few more years. We decided to keep it, and at that routine visit for brakes – the Subaru dealer told us that we needed differential fluid. This never came up before because I never owned a Subaru for this many miles, but we would eventually need the fluid so we said ok. In order to drive from the dealer to my home, I have to exit and drive immediately on to an interstate. I couldn’t accelerate, and I almost got crushed my a tractor trailer. I had to get towed back to Subaru even though I could see the dealer in my rear view mirror. They would never actually admit what happened, but the manager implied that something was put into the car instead of the right fluid that almost ruined the engine. I went to corporate Subaru and I asked for a new car etc, etc. no go. After ten days, I got this car back with multiple assurances that it had a rebuilt engine etc. It seemed fine, but as soon as it got really cold – it would groan or make funny sounds. It is fine to drive, but it has to warm up on cold days. It seems fragile, but I took it to the competing dealer in my area when I wanted to buy the new Subaru and he can see the service records…they took it for a test drive too. It rides fine, but I really don’t want to give Subaru more of my money because I don’t feel like the corporate guys handled it properly.

    Plus – there is a part of me that just wants a more luxurious car. Life is short, and I just want something that is a little nicer/quieter.

  35. Lauren- go for the nicer car! I’m saving up for a little Lexus that i plan to buy in 2017 and while the very practical side of me says I can just buy a Corolla right now I’d rather wait and get the luxury car in 2 years.

  36. We sold our Odyssey to Carmax, who offered us a couple thousand more than the Honda dealer. We’ve sold two other cars ourselves through my work’s classified ads. Since its a colleague, I didn’t feel nervous meeting them to look at the car, and was able to meet people in the garage at lunch. In each case I got a decent price.

  37. Lauren, thanks for the explanation. If I’d been through that, I’d have a similar desire to not give them any of my money either.

  38. And Lauren, I really enjoyed the BMW I had. You barely had to apply any pressure and you’d be going 90. I had never really been a car person before that. On the downside, my kids found the backseat really uncomfortable, and we had crazy electrical issues and other really strange problems. Several friends who drove them also had electrical problems. (This was at least 10 years ago, though).

  39. We’ve always gotten a quote from CarMax and asked the dealer to match it. That said, if the dealer did not match it, we would have happily sold the car to CarMax.

  40. You can have “fools night.” Set all the clocks forward an hour and get the kids in bed early. :)

  41. Houston or other Houston residents – did your neighborhood see big property value increases? My current neighborhood and previous two got the biggest increases I’ve seen in our 19 years here. I am going to protest our valuation, but have never messed with this before. I’ve heard that there are large increases across the board, but I don’t think we could sell it for what they valued it at.

  42. Good luck protesting, MBT. My property tax bill was *insane* this year–it went up about $3,000 over last year. We are expecting another big increase next year.

  43. Lauren. Buy the d-mn car you want. Even if the Subaru dealer trade in were actual money, not funny money deducted from an artificial price, and you were really out 3K. You can afford it. I doubt that the future value of that 3K in 20 years is going to be anything more than rounding error when you take a look at your retirement “number”.

  44. @Lauren — Get a nicer car. Just not a BMW. Mine was a maintenance nightmare — started with a blown clutch at 1400 miles (coupled with the dealer’s “couldn’t possibly be our fault, girls can’t drive sticks” attitude), ended when the radiator expansion tank literally blew up in the Safeway parking lot (left a dent in my hood). I see no reason whatsoever to pay ridiculously inflated prices AND get attitude for it.

    Then again, my ideal isn’t the “Pretty Woman” scene (the “you may begin sucking up now” scene in the shop) — all I could think was why reward these jerks with my money? My ideal would be more like walking in, flashing the wallet to show the sale they just lost, and then walking directly to their closest competitor to drop that wad of cash. :-)

    OT: Best combo of jokes we ever got was in college — big storm expected overnight, so at practice on 3/31 coach told us we’d be shoveling the softball field for practice the next day. The next day, a foot of new snow, our catcher showed up in a knee brace, with a story about slipping in the snow, spending the night getting X-rays and MRIs, etc. Upshot: coach wasn’t joking — our first game was a week later, and the field would never have been playable if we waited for that to melt. My catcher was — she had to give it a way as soon as she realized he was serious, or we’d have totally killed her. So we shoveled for three freaking hours. Guess that joke was on us.

  45. started with a blown clutch at 1400 miles

    I went to buy one and we went out on a test drive and the clutch was totally cooked. I’m thinking – why on earth are you letting me test drive a new car with a blown clutch? I decided it wasn’t for me.

  46. I’m taking my DH to test drive one this weekend. He’s not a BMW fan so I have to see how this goes before we make a decision. We swap cars about 20 percent of the time. He doesn’t like the legacy, so he wants to make sure he likes the new car.

  47. My mechanic made me promise never to get a BMW. It seems that parts are produced in Germany, which can lead to shortages and long wait times to get things fixed.

  48. Whenever I think I need a nicer car I am guilt induced by the Millionaire Next Door and DH.
    I can’t recall exactly – but I think the book said that the thrifty people who went in for luxury vehicles bought used ones. If that thinking holds true then Lauren must shop for her nice sparsely used (new) car at CarMax. DH bought his vehicle at CarMax – he wanted a roomy SUV and after we had climbed in and out and sat in a few different brands, he found one with low mileage which has worked well for us.

  49. Louise,

    The book is 20 years old the used car market is much more efficient now and as a result used cars aren’t nearly te same value they once were. Indeed, 1996 might have been the golden age of the used car, when the market was still pricing them as if hitting 100k miles would be a miracle.

  50. We have a relative who is graduating from medical school. We are not too close, but DH is attending the graduation ceremony. I have no idea what to get him. What’s an appropriate gift, in this situation?

  51. Oh, crap, I am a bad, bad person. A53 on Southwest, and somehow the exit row window seat with no seat in front was still open, so I snagged it.

    Right in front of A54, who was a very nice guy I had been chatting with in line, and who was at least 6’2″. I am clearly going to hell.

  52. @Saac – no, that would be beyond the pale. I never recline. Oh, the horror.

  53. Houston, I remember having this discussion here a while back, but I don’t remember all the recommendations.

    One suggestion I made was scrubs. You can get all types of colors and designs, e.g., for someone from here, aloha print might be appropriate; for others, perhaps the colors/logos of their alma maters, or maybe their favorite sports teams.

    Or maybe a pair of Crocs.

  54. Houston, do you know what their residency will be in? That might give you an idea of the direction to go. If you don’t mind giving gift cards, I bet they could use one for professional attire or things for their home.

  55. My property tax bill was *insane* this year–it went up about $3,000 over last year.

    What was your bill to begin with that it would go up that much? That increase is more than our total bill.

    A53 on Southwest, and somehow the exit row window seat with no seat in front was still open, so I snagged it.

    Thanks for the reminder about exit row seats. I’m flying Southwest this weekend and it’s the first time in years I’ve flown without kids so the exit row is never on my radar. I pay for the auto check-in so I get a good boarding number.

    One suggestion I made was scrubs.

    Find out if he’s going to be working someplace where he’ll actually wear them. Most docs don’t wear them in the office, and if they do surgery, they need to wear the ones provided by the hospital because they are cleaner.

  56. Two recent movies – The Theory of Everything and Imitation Game were quite interesting…..recommend watching.

  57. Finn, since we have no state tax here, our property taxes are high. In addition, since I’m in an unincorporated part of the county, we are on well water and the bonds for that are allocated through our property taxes, so my overall rate is roughly 3.3%. That varies from neighborhood to neighborhood here in the suburbs, but I don’t know how that compares to homes within the city of Houston. I got mine down slightly this year because I was eligible for the homestead exemption (hadn’t been the year before). My tax appraisal went up 20% this year. It is capped to a max tax increase of 10% per year (in certain circumstances, which I meet), but that means if I don’t successfully protest, my taxes will go up 10% this year and 10% the next. For people who don’t meet the 10% cap, the increases can be huge.

  58. “I pay for the auto check-in so I get a good boarding number.” — DD, if you haven’t flown them in a while, be prepared for a change – I was A53 *with* EarlyBird, since I lost my A-List status this year.

  59. so my overall rate is roughly 3.3%

    So a $300,000 home pays $9,900 a year in property taxes?

  60. Rhett – yes. That’s in my current neighborhood. In one of my old neighborhoods where they have paid off the bonds to drill the water wells, the tax rate is about 2.75%, so it would be lower there. But in my current neighborhood, that is correct, and then after the appraisals that were updated this week take effect, that $300K house is now valued around $360K, so the taxes (if not under the 10% increase cap) would go up to almost $12K.

  61. Houston, FWIW, I agree with DD on the gifts. The only docs I’ve seen in scrubs have just come out of the delivery room or are in the OR about to operate.

  62. And for a point of reference, in that old neighborhood, it took 10 years for my appraisal to increase a total of 20%. In the last 2-3 years, that house increased about 30-35% in appraised value. I’m sure this has happened in Houston’s inner loop neighborhoods a long time ago, but out in my neck of the woods, I just haven’t see those dramatic jumps, because there are always new houses being built that compete with the existing homes, keeping a lid on prices.

  63. No scrubs — with few exceptions, doctors never wear patterned scrubs. Often color is dictated by hospital. Depending on department, you may have you own that you launder yourself (common in the ER) or use the hospital’s.

    I love getting (and giving) real, non-cash gifts. I got very few from my medical school graduation. I recieved a heavy bronze set of bookends with a caduceus – I still use them and found them random and charming. However, I think I am in the last generation of docs to have a big set of paper books that I accumulated though my training.

    Think of things that are nice after a new move or a new baby — starting residency is often a relocation to a new city followed by intense time demands. Bed, Bath and Beyond gift cards, restaurant gift cards (or something like Munchery or Blue Plate). Would be nice to find someplace that delivers to the hospital and give a card from them. Yoga/Spa gift cards (maybe not for a guy). Probably not a stethescope — they likely have one.

    I could go on and on…..

  64. In home country culture, cash gifts are a done thing. But, at our wedding we had people give us what they wanted. Our friends were young professionals and some of the gifts they gave us are quirky. We still have those and they are sturdy metal or wood items – like a candle holder, decorative picture frames etc. I love these gifts, where previously I wouldn’t have.
    Now Etsy has a whole range of unique gifts where previously you would have to visit quite a few stores (some of the these stores are not to be found in malls any more).

  65. MBT, we anticipate paying $1k to $3k more in taxes per year than we paid on our higher-value inner loop house now that we’ve moved to the burbs because of the higher tax rate with the MUD etc. If I understand correctly, I think our value is not capped for 2015 because the homestead 10% cap doesn’t kick in until the second year in the house? They bumped up the appraised value by only about 8% for 2015, and it’s not an insane number (about $15k under what we paid). But I’ve heard about some people getting crazy numbers in various suburbs that are well over what the house could actually sell for.

  66. http://news.nationalgeographic.com/2015/03/150325-gut-microbiome-diet-hunter-gatherer-bacteria-digestion/?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=Social&utm_content=link_fbp20150326news-gutbacteria&utm_campaign=Content&sf8238819=1

    Interesting tie-in to the allergies and hygiene discussion from other day. The most disturbing part to me was that the article acknowledges and laments that the culture, habits, and the world of ancient people is changing by contact with the modern world, it still does not stop “them” from making contact and catalyzing that change.

  67. Ada: Bookends–brilliant!

    Thanks everyone for the gift suggestions. Regarding cash gifts–how much is appropriate? $100?

    Regarding property taxes, my property taxes were $11,000 in 2013 and $14,000 in 2014. Not sure why, as our home value did not go up that much.

  68. Is your moniker based on where you live? Because if it is, I had no idea that a city in Texas would have such high property taxes.

  69. MooshiMooshi, because we have no state income tax, property taxes are higher in Texas.

  70. I think most towns in MA have about a 1% rate of property tax; our income tax rate is 5.15%.

  71. LfB, that’s scary that the early bird check-in only got you to 53. I’m flying tomorrow so I’m thinking there will be fewer of the A-list business travelers. The last few times we’ve flown SW we didn’t do the early bird because with four of us it’s more expensive, and I was able to check in right at 24 hours to get a reasonable spot. I’m not going to be able to do it today, so I sprung for it.

    Our property tax rate is somewhere around between 0.5% and 0.75%, I know i should know what it actually is. Not having a state income tax would change the impact quite a bit. But I now plenty of people who live in places like NJ that have income tax and really high property taxes. I’m definitely not complaining.

  72. One of my better travel tips is to only buy the early bird on southwest for part of the party – two people can generally effectively get and save 4 seats together. And sometimes we only do one early bird . I think you have to be on separate reservations to do this, but we often end up that way anyway if we’re using points. It is also smart if the traveler(s) that gets on early takes the bags you want in the overhead bin.

  73. Ah, property taxes. Ours have gone up every year since we bought the house but not so much that I’ve been inclined to fight them. Georgia’s are down by city/county, so Atlanta taxes are high (not as high as Texas or Westchester County), but you could move over to a neighboring county and pay about 25% of what we pay for the privilege of living in town. We pay about $11K I think and we’d probably pay $3K if we moved a few miles north into another county. I was talking to a friend who bought a house a few years ago last weekend (probably in the $1.2M range) and her taxes went up by $5K this year, which seems outrageous.

  74. One of my better travel tips is to only buy the early bird on southwest for part of the party – two people can generally effectively get and save 4 seats together

    Saving seats is specifically against their rules.

  75. Washington State doesn’t have an income tax either (we do have sales tax which is almost 10%). I just looked up the property tax rate for Seattle – it’s 1%. We pay about $6,000 in property taxes.

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