Coffee Talk: Fashion For The Ages

by Louise

Recently the daughters of the President were criticized for what they were wearing when they appeared at the Thanksgiving turkey pardon with their father. I looked at their pictures. They dress like typical teenagers, I thought.

The other day I was out with my family when a group of twenty somethings entered a restaurant. They were striking in their conformity. Grey/black tops with jeans or tights, similar boots, black fleece and all had their long locks straightened. They looked like an ad come to life.

Do you follow an unwritten dress code? Do you dress in a way that says you belong to a certain group of people? As a Totebagger of a certain age, what can’t you wear any more?

Coffee Talk: What Exactly Is The College Rape Problem?

by Milo

I normally would not have bothered to send this in. But when I read this, I realized I’m reading an article:

1) by Emily Yoffe
2) in Slate
3) in Slate’s Double X
4) claiming that colleges are going too far to protect campus rape accusers
5) and the Obama Administration is to blame,

and I thought now THAT is a notable article. And it comes on the heels of Rolling Stone retracting its sensational fiction about U.Va’s “Jackie,” as well as reports that Lena Dunham’s Oberlin rapist, as alleged in her memoir, is a non-existent Bogeyman.

The College Rape Overcorrection

Coffee Talk: Not Quite Double Jeopardy?

by Fred MacMurray

Over the course of the past few weeks two grand jury decisions, one in Ferguson, MO and one in New York City, have been prominent in the news. In both cases panels were asked if (white) police officers should be indicted in the deaths of (black) men that occurred as a result of police actions.

In each case, after the grand juries decided against indictment, the US Department of Justice announced its civil rights office would be investigating.

I don’t mind the DOJ involvement, but to me it feels political, given the timing. As if DOJ is saying to local law enforcement “we gave you a chance to handle this the right way yourself…now we’ll do it.” (No federal charges have been brought as I write this.)

Would it be better if DOJ went first? I don’t know. On one hand, if DOJ announced “no case” first, does that let the DA drop things, since the feds won’t be coming back? On the other if it announced “we’re pursuing”, does that mean the locals better also indict?

What do you think?

*double jeopardy is a procedural defense that forbids a defendant from being tried again on the same (or similar) charges following a legitimate acquittal or conviction.

Stressed, De-stressed Or Distressed

by Louise

Totebaggers, how do you deal with stress ? Daily life is busy enough but during the holidays a lot of extra things crowd our to-do list. Buying presents, cooking, entertaining or preparing to travel. Many offices have year-end deadlines to be met and colleague’s holiday schedules to be taken into account while trying to get work wrapped up for the year.

What are your favorite ways of dealing with stress? Any that are not on the normal de-stress lists?

Best and Worst Ways to Cope With Stress

Friday Fun: Holiday Traditions

by Louise

Totebaggers what are your favorite holiday traditions at home ? Are there any special community celebrations in your area – a display of lights, ice skating in the city rink or carriage rides through a decorated downtown that put you in a festive mood ?

NYC and Disney are two places I visited before Christmas that did a great job of Christmas glitz.  I also visited the lights display in Wheeling, Va.

Winter Festival of Lights at Oglebay Resort

It is from the Totebag that I learnt of Christmas markets in Germany. I would love to visit !

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Traditional markets open across Europe as visitors get into spirit with mulled wine, sweets